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4 hours ago, Captain Papyrus said:

And yet, Street Fighter V still gets all the spotlight. It...kinda sad, actually...

Yeah they still getting the spotlight because of all that fanservice ( '6/10' Not too great but has alot of Booty to show if yall know what I mean) LOL! XD






Daaamn! Ryu even your own best friend burning him.....


While Scorpion and Sub-Zero is getting all the girls. LOL! XD



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A Japanese scientist made a burger out of human feces!

14d2a80a2b6cf8f8de5e9bd8bbd0de41A Japanese scientist named Mitsuyuki Ikeda developed a new burger made from sewage! Ikeda says he developed the meat to combat rising meat prices and environmental damage. He claims the new meat is healthier and less damaging to nature because it is all recycled material.

The bacteria in the sewage is rendered harmless from heating and added chemicals. It consists of 63 percent protein, 25 percent carbohydrates, 3 percent lipids, 9 percent minerals, and looks almost identical to red meat!

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18 hours ago, Zio said:


More like "Capcom is fucking up! And Mega Man has turned into little boy anime man! Let's take his shit or at least make him get back right!"


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