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NOTE: This collection is only for characters (or versions of characters) and stages associated with YouTube Poop/YTP videos.


RED denotes an offline/missing character

YELLOW denotes a WIP character

GREEN denotes a Joke character

PURPLE denotes a Cheap character


621515592OtvOi0_zpsqgzvbcld.gif mm19K9i_zpsecs61gav.gif?1460748600288&14  20120901142637-8ee18ae4_zpsqugjp4ji.gif?

King Harkinian/The King of Hyrule: Quetzalcoatl_88 - Anthonyatkins' Edit (The Evil King) / Anthonyatkins' Edit (The Santa King) / Anthonyatkins' Edit (The Death King) ll The Answer ll Ancara4


20120901063118-dab94e3d_zpsp9sqezlv.gif?   20120901063421-73cecf23_zpsw2vybzux.gif?   2RW1dET_zpsdsfjbdka.png?1460748603084

CD-i Link: Smealgol14 (Smealgol14's Edit (Dark Link) ) ll CD-i Zelda: Smealgol14 ll Morshu: ESE-PT


ZMDnwUy.gifSmeagolMario_zpsnozdxuog.gif?14607486002   SuperHotelMario_zpsgj9hi3v1.gif?14607486    ToonMarioSSB_12112_thumb_zpsqwofxopu.png?1479254941035&1479254944787

CD-i Mario/ Hotel Mario/Fat Mario:  Gruntzilla94 ll Smealgol14 - Tanicfan22's Edit / Pizzasause's Edit (CD-i Luigi) / TheWaluigiKing's Edit ll SuperMario69 ll Pizzasause


  r7LXOt1.gif    Gay%20Luigi_zps05ay1tnv.gif?146074860028mama_luigi_24H_thumb_zpspovgxs56.gif?146

Gay Luigi: Gruntzilla94 ll Yagoshi ll   Mama Luigi: SC1614 - Luketheemewtwo's Edit 


   Aznperson569Ms_Weegee_zpsyjzpcjzf.gif?14   Freddsiis_Gee_OF_The_Wee_zpsnfjxeoy8.gif  YWeegeeIdle_zpstctbs7f4.gif?145487676525s73086Q.gif1_J5p_thumb_zpsftldsnsz.gif?1479254941034&1479254944787&1479254948167

 Weegee: Aznperson56M - Frederyll's Edit (Giant Weegee) ll Fredderyll - Luigi356 (F1 spriteswap) ll SC1614 ll Malleo: SC1614 ll Nextphext


FredderyRobotnikIdle_zpsvckrpuxo.gif?146   Buttnik98Idle_zpsxtzuqkab.gif?1460748603   robotn11.gif   robotnik_zpsullw93xy.gif?1458261443031&1     

Dr. Robotnik: Fredderyll ll Aperson98 (Slight NSFW Warning) ll FlavioCamarao ll Gruntzilla94


VktWLmf.gifZF4S8bt.giffortran_zpsqvlatumb.gif?1460748600288&14         ytpluigi_zpsyolv63l3.gif?1460748600287&1usabison_zpsfqbt68tm.gif?1460748600287&1

Scratch: Mario11766 ll Grounder: Mario11766 ll Fortran: Unknown Creator ll YouTube Poop Luigi: Jedipolice ll M. Bison (USA Cartoon): N64Mario 




SpongeBob SquarePants: FelixMario2011 - Jedipolice's Edit /  Infantry00's Edit ll Patrick Star: Ivan Luiz - TurrentJACK's Edit / BeanFan112's Edit 



Moar Krabs:  Gruntzilla94 / GamesmasterXtreme ll Morbid Squidward: Mugenfan


frollo_zpsjjppriqt.gif   heavy_zpsaompngyh.gif?1460850941188&1460  Scout_zpsjy11vsja.gif?1460850941188&1460   barney_zpsytorrgi8.gif?1460850941188&146   

Frollo: PROJECT CROSS ll Heavy Weapons GuyDr. Kelexo - RandomPokemonBro's Edit / TIS2012's Edit ll Scout: Nightgiygas43 ll Barney: Jayhigh19 - Pingurules' Edit


McDonald1_zps9rvwfn3a.gifsparta_zps9pepmjtb.gif?1460748600288&146  BillyMays_zpslo7kyewg.gifGMYeepal1

Ronald McDonald: Kishio ll King Leonidas: DE@TH BY SPOON ll Billy Mays: Shazam7121 ll Yee: GarchompMatt



Tourettes Guy: Pineapple Producer ll Robbie Rotten: Randy Bighead - Pingurules' Edit ll Sportacus: Randy Bighead

bj1KBmk.gif photo_zpsqbu9hz2d.gif latest?cb=20100426201515

Rick Astley: Unknown Creator (Invincible) - Hyde233's Edit (Beatable) ll Duane: CaptainOwl ll Shoop Da Whoop: Unknown Creator (Invincible) 



YouTube by KarrotKonvoy ll Morshu's Shop by Zaibatsu ll Hotel Mario - Mushroom Kingdom by Jango ll Hotel Mario - Sky Hotel by Nick619gtx ll Weegee Giygas Stage by Frederyll ll Robotnik's Lair by Frederyll  ll Morbid Squidward/UNSURE Stage by Unknown Creator


AI Patches:

Level 8 AI Patch for Quetzalcoatl_88's The King ll "Ultimate" AI Patch for Gruntzilla94's Dr. Robotnik ll "Ultimate" AI Patch for Gruntzilla94's Moar Krabs



YTP soundpack for Zeeky H. Bomb ll Mama Luigi soundpack for ShinRyoga and NeOaNkH's Super Luigi

French soundpack for Quetzalcoatl_88's The KIng

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On 4/15/2016 at 6:17 PM, VinylThrash20 said:

Someone should make Michael Rosen and Wilford Brimley xD

And IM Meen, Mario Head, Gwonam, Rick Astley, Dr Rabbit, Ganon CD-i, Gastion, and Hank Hill. But there is a TON more that can go on this collection, if they were made.

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4 hours ago, superkingkong65 said:

And IM Meen, Mario Head, Gwonam, Rick Astley, Dr Rabbit, Ganon CD-i, Gastion, and Hank Hill. But there is a TON more that can go on this collection, if they were made.

I might consider making IM Meen and CDI Ganon, if I can find good enough spriites for them (Srsly, I suck at sprite editing).

Also there actully are two versions of Rick Astley, one is beatable and the other one not

Here's a link:



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From what I heard, there is an IM Meen that exists for Mugen, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. It's just a spriteswap of Hotel Luigi, though.


BTW, does anyone know what happened to Pingurules' version of Gay Luigi? It uses sprites from Gloin1994's videos.

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