Fatal Art - Stick Figure Fighting Game [DEMO RELEASED]

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What's up guys? 
I've been working on this for quite a while, animated in pivot, and coded in Mugen, and I'll get straight to it.

FATAL ART is a stick figure fighting game inspired by Street Fighter, and my last game Battle Royale (had MAD bugs/glitches)
6 Button Fighter! Lights, Strongs, Overhead and a Launcher button.
Fatal Art has controller support!
And in NO WAY am I planning to sell this game, everything will be free.

The Demo includes 4 characters! Van, Akira, Jojo, and Yuri. Along with Arcade, Versus, and Practice modes.
Want Screenshots? I got them.



The sounds, music and stages included in the game are not mine. Shoutouts to Killer Instinct, Street Fighter and various other fighting games. Also to the lifebars and stages you guys have created! I will be listing every stage and anything I've downloaded from you once I'm done with the game.
If you guys give me feedback and everything I'll be sure to update this thread often.

If you're looking to help, I could really use it.
Sounds, Voices, FX (can use flash), Pivot Animators, Designers, Artists, Anything!

And of course, if you catch a bug or anything, make sure to let me know! My last game was filled with glitches and bugs, it was terrible. I'm putting a lot of work into Fatal Art, and so far is just a little bugless.
ALSO, I do plan on releasing every character I make individually for your own mugen roster. Just fixing and making everything perfect for the audience.

BUGS: Akira's run looks weird, I know. I totally forgot to fix it, it's supposed to be a dash. It'll be fixed though no worries.

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I think with enough work and time put into this, this could be a great game!

i could work as an ideas-guy of sorts (basically a designer.) and could probably come up with some decent character ideas.

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