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Power Instinct Matrimelee / Bonnō Kaihō / Matsuri Senzo Kuyou

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Click on the author's name to download.

Red: offline



HHq10Az.png 6CxvUQe.png 2I9hvUN.png vPaxqph.pngv715oFx.png OClAWPH.png

Angela Belti: Dr. Kelexo || Anny Hamilton: Tin || Bobby Ologun: Neat Unsou || Buntaro Kuno: H" || Hikaru Jomon: David Demianoff / Nyankoro / Duracelleur [MVC] || Chinnen: Wara


KqhrZiD.png XTlS839.png wHu2Xy2.png R6Ztnjl.png RdlP1BN.png 9h6N0ee.png

Clara Hananokouji: David Demianoff / NHK || Kanji Kokuin: Silencer / Duracelleur [MVC] || Keith Wayne: Mouser / Duracelleur [MVC] || Olof Linderoth: MEKA / Duracelleur [MVC]


 Kintarou Kokuin: Shimon  || Poochy: Shimon / 119way [KOF] / God Aztec [KOF] Jin [KOF]


AFuyBSu.png2RnpqAg.png qUgeG49.png 00yJI0m.png dxxXMVq.pngkWcfyIk.png


Saizo Hattori: NS / Ryo2005 / Yu-Go / Duracelleur [MVC] || Princess Sissy: Ahuron / Chloe || Reiji Oyama: Ryo2005 / Yu-Go / Duracelleur [MVC] ||Shintaro Kuno: Ryo2005


Super ClaraKenshin Himura / Ryo2005 /119way [KOF] / K. Bernstein [KOF] || Shinjuro Goketsuji: TENE / BoyBoyz 


66QE2Ni.png 9Qh2ErT.png fHqjK9c.png


Takumi Hattori: Werewood || Oume Goketsuji: H" [Oume & Tane] / Luchini || White Buffalo: Shimon



Check Rage of The Dragons for the guest characters



Rin Oyama & Prince by TENE



Maruta, Tane Goketsuji, Elizabeth Belti, and Sandra Belti



Note: Won't include recreated characters from other series such as the MKCS edit. Check their own collections to get them.


Hkmf5qE.png  HalEJJk.png EpBrrZl.png


Tsubasa: Nankotsucurry || Blizzard: Basara-Kun || Oume Age 18: エス / 119way [KOF]



Power Instinct MatrimeleeStages by Cirio || Stages by Chloe || Full Stage Pack

Bonnō Kaihō: Chinnen's Stage: JAM

Matsuri Senzo Kuyou: Rin's Stage by TENE  - 1.0 conversion || Prince's Stage by TENE



Screenpacks: PIM Screenpack + Lifebars by Matmut [Winmugen+ / 320x240] - 1.0 conversion || PIM Screenpack by Claudio Toxi [Winmugen+ / 320x240]



      Power Instinct 1 / 2 / Legend

Groove on Fight / Power Instinct 3

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11 hours ago, gui0007 said:

Awesome remade Ryou! :D

And here is TENE's Shinjuro. ;)

Thanks man :)

7 hours ago, Centorea Shianus said:

Tene has a WIP of Rin Oyama.

Noted :)


Collection has been updated, idk if there are more stages than this but feel free to leave me any info.

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Some things to be added/fixed:

-There's Maruta, the bonus stage from Matsuri Senzo Kuyou (similar to SS1 bonus) to be added as "Yet to be converted"

-JAM made this stage from Chinnen, not sure if is from Bonnou no Kaihou or Matsuri Senzo Kuyou

-Yu-Go's Reiji link is still there (but not online sadly). Let me see if I have him so I can put a new link ;)


That's all by now, great collection as always :OhYeah:

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