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Pooka: DarkWolf13(NxC) || Taizo Hori / Dig Dug: Big Eli King(Cheap/Joke): Site Link - Mirror Link / Tetsuo9999: Old - New(NxC) / Unknown || Fygar: RoySquadRocks



Dig Dug Stage: by aMAXproduction / by MINI43

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Is there even enough Dig Dug stuff in Mugen to get a collection? Why not a Namco arcade collection? There's also this one Dig Dug that was only in one video, but also kind of a joke character. I had one other arcade Dig Dug that only had two attacks, which were the same thing and had KFM's K.O. cry, but I don't know the author.

SMF3 main site: = Hype project? Well, at least it's cool to look at the pictures...

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