Ranma ½

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Collection remade. Click in the author name to download.


PLAYER SELECT - Ranma ½: Chōnai Gekitōhen


OQqQJHR.gif         PK5jWna.gif    eW5lhT1.gif        Qpt8I4b.png


Ranma Saotome: Masa || Genma Saotome: SonSon3000 / Jhfer - Colosse's Edit || Cologne / Granny: Rubeus - Colosse's Edit || Happosai: Masa

Note: Masa's Ranma and Happosai comes with their "Street Combat" versions.




Principal Kuno: Unknown Author - Colosse's Edit


PLAYER SELECT - Ranma ½: Hard Battle / Bakuretsu Rantōhen


fQ2G53Y.gif   XkogE7x.gif   RShgZKV.gifMmJy0tg.gifPvFxEId.gif    wuuLCSj.gif    ysTm8DT.gif   zBW2Vq5.gif


Ranma-chan / Ranko: NyanKiryu: Site Link - Mirror Link || Akane Tendo: Quasar Mind


Mousse: Rubeus - Colosse's Edit || Ukyo Kuonji: Nyo: Site Link - Mirror Link / Heaven-e-Hell || Happosai: Doctor M - Colosse's Edit


Hikaru Gosunkuji: Yu-Toharu / KFM Spriteswap - Colosse's Edit || Gambling King: Span: Site Link - Mirror Link / Puppet - Colosse's Edit || Shampoo: Elecbyte




Pantyhose Taro: Yu-Toharu / Timji(Human Form/KFM Spriteswap) - Colosse's Edit / Rubeus(Beast Form) - Colosse's Edit


isXXKJt.gif        zenQ9T8.gif     NOJlbHK.gif


Not mugenized yet: Ranma Saotome, Genma Saotome and Ryoga Hibiki


PLAYER SELECT - Ranma ½: Super Battle / Chougi Rambuhen


Ij2pjMJ.gif     QB9hCoN.gif     TfymYSz.gif     24cIJjD.gif     NL4jCZc.gif     Yu3qdz3.gif     yHHdTrZ.gif     RYUwXoz.gif     BGUthIC.gif     HFfKs8Y.gif


Ranma Saotome: AnkokuNaitou / Ironjw / Pneophen: Site Link - Mirror Link / Moyashi - GohanSSM2's Fix / Evil K'999: Original Link - Alternative Link / SonSon3000


Ranma-chan / Ranko: Zero-Sennin: Original Link - Alternative Link / Jhfer / Toni: Site Link - Mirror Link / Timji / Rexxon


Akane Tendo: AnkokuNaitou / KGenjuro / Sana Sagara & Namaguideran: Site Link - Mirror Link


Ryoga Hibiki: AnkokuNaitou / LegatoB: Site Link - Mirror Link / Ranmasama / Ryon(KOF) / Evil K'999 || Ukyo Kuonji: Namaguideran: Site Link - Mirror Link / Jorge Campos


Mousse: Unknown Author || Tatewaki KunoAnkokuNaitou / KGenjuro || ShampooAnkokuNaitou / Sano Sagara: Site Link - Mirror Link / PCTIM


Mariko Konjo: Fervicante: Site Link - Mirror Link || Kodachi Kuno: CharimanKaga


uVpi5Mp.png          edYPIPj.gif          S8fwSvV.png


Genma Saotome: KGenjuro - Colosse's Edit - Unknown Creator's Edit(Winnie the Pooh/Spriteswap) / Basara


Herb: AnkokuNaitou || Hinako Ninomiya: Namaguideran


PLAYER SELECT - Custom / Edited Sprites


NZnkvED.gif     nody2SE.gif     c9Sz61a.gif     1EKyrHf.png     QTbauI2.gif


Ranma Saotome: Garci || Ranko: Chibasin || Rouge: Jhfer(Shampoo's Sprite Edit) - Colosse's Edit || Cologne / Granny: Gouketsu / Happosai: Gouketsu



Stage Pack (Contains stages by Jhfer and Sano Sagara. Also the Coliseum Stage by Alex) || Food Ring & Waikiki Beach by Ryoucchi & The Magic Toaster || Stages by Span

Stages by Ze Sensei || Stages by MadkaT || Train Stage by O Ilusionista: Site Link - Mirror || Akane's House by Duende Macabro || Stages by Cenobite 53



Screenpack: by Ze Sensei(1.0/320x240) || Portrait Pack: by Fer619 || Sprites Rips: from Hard Battle by Fret / from Super Battle: by Redblueyellow & RadSpyro

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3 hours ago, Galvatron said:

Ah! Ranma 1/2 series...... Brings good old memories. :goodmood:


Nice Remake on this collection Gui0007.

Thanks Galv. I watched a lot the anime in the ol' times. :)


3 hours ago, Sheriff Woody said:

There was an edit of Genma made to look like Winnie the Pooh, if you want to put that in.

Anyways, nice collection!

Thanks Woody. :D

Added him.

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14 hours ago, Ryoucchi said:

Sweet! Added the stages and the logo. Thanks Ryou! :D

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ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Yessssssssss!! After Searching For Hours, Shampoo From Ranma ½: Hard Battle / Bakuretsu Rantōhen Has Finally Been Found! This Shampoo Arrange Was Made by the Great Elecbyte made between 2008-2010! It Plays Really Well, Has Very Aggressive AI, She Can Fight With Her Two Chuis, Has 2 Killer Specials In Which She Transforms In Her China Dress, Has Mousse as a Helper and Is...An Awesome Fighter!! This Is By Far One Of The Best Shampoos That I've Ever Played In Mugen! This Ranks Up There With AnkokuNaitou's Shampoo! Ranma Saotome, Genma Saotome and Ryoga Hibiki Are The Only Ones Left That Needs To Be Mugenized From This Game! We Finally Got Another Shampoo In Mugen! Yay! ^_^







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