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Megaman Characters (Blademan, Topman, Roll...)

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Hi there.

I am working in some Mega Man characters for IMT's Robot Master Meyhem project. Some will have only the power sets addded (on this project, each robot has a power set of 6 different moves) but some will be coded from the strach.

Blade Man



Here is Blade Man, from Mega Man 10. The original edit were made by DanOwnsALL122 and GatlingPunchRalf

Since he is more original (he doesn't use the same body), it got my attention.

Here is a quick preview.
Many sprites still need to be cleaned.





I am working on DCL's Roll, under Laspacho request, to add the missing roll/dodge/powersets.

I know there are many other Rolls out there, so this is why I am making original moves for her.

Please forgive the drop of framerate, my notebook is overheating :(



More to come.

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More progress with Blademan:

- All required hit sprites are done. Thanks to Rage for the help with the cleaning

- All required hit animations done.

I will continue this character only in my spare time, because I have other things to do, including some commissions. So this could take a while to be finished.

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While I am working almost nonstop in MB-01 (he is 95% done), I found some time to work on other things.


Blade Man now has 6 palletes. I tried to make each more very different, so we can have something more unique.




Againt, any help is appreciated.

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