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The League of 7 Evil Exes (Scott Pilgrim Vs The World)

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9 hours ago, Solid Snivy said:

Small thing with the Lucas Lee breakdown that I wanted to suggest but, how about the Director from Stage 2 in the game that appears in one of Lucas's intros and his lose pose? You could even use the Skullgirls announcer cause it kinda fits for him.


Heyy guess what he does already lol but giving him the skullgirls annoucer voice dude.................................THATS BRILLIANT  

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I know i haven't posted in this topic for awhile been ultra super busy (still is sadly) but anywho i thought you guys should know that not only is Todd ready but so is Roxy so instead of one release you will be getting 2 along with AI Updates for Matthew and Lucas, all exs will be challenging so be ready all that is needed for Todd and Roxy are now just a few sound files and effects but other then that there good to go and all thats left is the Twins and Gideon so yeah alright awesome lol Todd may get released sooner then Roxy but she will follow along with him dont worry reason being is because i have no testers and Todd needs a stress test so yeah i feel good about Roxy but Todd seems a little off but i'll let you guys judge me judging makes my characters take forever to get released (sorry i just really want my stuff to be good for everyone) but yeah thats it for the uodate


-Stay Ultra Fatal

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