PAC-MAN, Retro Suika, and Shovel Knight re-updated (08/16/2017)

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Opa-Opa has been updated!


-Fixed the normal b attack where the wide shot misses up close when p2 is in the stage corner
-Reduced time for the fireball helper
-Fixed the infinite between HK and MK
-Added the state in his Ultra Bomb hyper where Opa-Opa has to stay longer until the explosion wears off
-Updated the crouching normals to make his gunfire hit a blocking opponent

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Princess, Porygon-Z, Shanghai Doll, and Fygar now updated!


-Readme updated.
-Updated Roll Out special.
-Roll Out now can be done in air.
-Updated Magic Fire and Magic Ice special.
-Magical Screen Flash hyper now renamed to "Magical Superpower."
-Magical Superpower now has 3 random helpers: Super Blast, Super Fire, and Super Ice.

-Reduced damage for Princess' Magical Superpower's Super Blast and Super Fire.


-Fixed Shadow Ball Infinite.
-Fixed Giga Impact Infinite.


Shanghai Doll and Fygar:
-Helpers no longer spammable. You can now only assist one helper at a time.


All 4 characters:
-Fixed misaligned Head and Mid pos's.
-Changed fall.defence_up from 50 to 0.

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Sorry for the bump. Fygar, Princess, Wanda, and Asha are now updated!


Wanda and Asha:
-Fixed infinite for Air Y against large opponents.
-Fixed infinite for Wanda from altering between X, A and Y.


-Fixed infinite for Air Y against large opponents.


-Fixed infinite for air attacks.

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IT'S THE BIG BIRTHDAY UPDATE!! Retro Suika, PAC-MAN, Atari Dragon, and Asha have been UPDATED!


Retro Suika:
-Added 6 new pals (Dracula, Earthworm Jim, Yukari Yakumo, Rasta, Garfield, and GRAND DAD!!!)
-Updated the Balloon Fight intro. THAT DARN DOG!!!!!
-Fixed the super jump state AI by adding a Sonic spring
-Added Dodge Twirl ability
-The Boom Goes The... special is now selectable! Choose your bomb trap wisely
-Added the Space Invader helper, including 3 of his abilities
-Added the Grand Dad Sprites and a Grand Dad sound for the Push Start to Rich hyper
-Sakuya Wannabe hyper's freeze time now increased to 300%
-Updated readme


-fall.defence_up reduced to 0
-Updated win poses
-Updated matchover. It will now appear after one of Pac-Man's win poses before the match ends
-Added the Sonic & Knuckles Ghost for the Ghost Eating intro
-Added the Pac-Land intro
-Added Super Jump
-Added Dodge Roll
-Updated stand and crouch strong kick for comboing
-Updated the Pac-Jump special
-Updated moveset readme


Atari Dragon:
-Head.pos and Mid.pos fixed
-fall.defence_up reduced to 0
-Removed the Flashy Maze Craze BG for all normal strong attacks and specials
-Updated the normal light kicks
-Updated the air strong punch
-Updated throw
-Fixed the infinite of the Defender special
-Updated the Dootin' Bird special
-Fixed the infinite of the Beany Booper special
-Updated the Yars' Revenge hyper
-Updated the Bat Horde hyper
-Replaced the Heads Up hyper with the new hyper, "Medieval Wing War" (Counter move)
-Updated the Atari Medley hyper
-Updated the Fast Food hyper
-Performance fixtures

-Updated moveset readme


-Fixed a blue clsn for air light punch
-Added throw

-Updated moveset readme


Download your special gifts NOW!

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Atari Dragon and PAC-MAN re-updated.


Atari Dragon:
-Updated the medium kicks to prevent being overpowered against airborne and big characters
-Updated and fixed the air medium and strong kicks to prevent an infinite against big characters
-Updated the normal attacks from the CMD file


-Updated the normal attacks from the CMD file

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