SWEET TOOTH Extra Twisted Edition - The Final, big update!

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6 hours ago, yaminogun said:

:hmm:can you post screenshot for file and folder structure inside resource kit?



It comes with Sweet Tooth, his sound folder, XNALara 10 (the program used for the 3D models), the scene and models to load with it, and a couple of tutorial text documents.


Simply put, it's all the resources I used to create Sweet Tooth. It has all the models, sounds, and the model posing program I used to make the sprites. Basically it's for those who want to use XNALara to make edits and/or additions to the character.

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I updated both links for Sweet Tooth. There was a problem that I patched, so I recommend re-downloading if you want the fixed version. The problem was that one of his intros was playing the wrong animation due to me overlooking a line of code.

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Sweet Tooth has received a patch! Download and enjoy some brand new animations (to replace old ones) and some technical fixes.

Patch 1.1 Notes

Technical changes/fixes
-Added slight spread to SMG bullets
-Fixed P2's animations to properly utilize required sprites for throw moves
-Made Sweet Tooth invisible off the side of the screen when coming back from "Welcome2TM - End" so that he isn't seen just standing there in case P2 ventures off further down the screen.
-Increased duration of NotHitBy controller on "Welcome2TM - End" by 5 ticks
-Fixed guardspark for "Who wants a treat?" ice cream cone
-Added Cheese KO (anim 5950)
-If Helpers (such as the Fire Missile or trick ice cream cone) are hit by a counterattack/reversal and turned into a Sweet Tooth clone, they will now be properly eliminated by a DestroySelf controller
-Made minor tweaks and improvements to Sweet Tooth's AI

Visual changes
-New animation for Aerial Punch
-New animation for Aerial Clown Kick
-New animations for Machete Massacre hits 1 and 2 that also cause Sweet Tooth to step forward for extra reach
-New "Round Lose" animation
-New "shove" animation that also gives Sweet Tooth slightly more reach
-New Combo and Finishing Move animations for "A butcher like me" Hyper

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12 hours ago, Dragon Sam said:

The same link as the first one?

Dropbox allows me to just overwrite the files from my computer, so it just refreshes the download link with the new file.


That said, here's a link to just the CNS and SFF to overwrite the old ones with:

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Please forgive the double post, I just felt this was necessary to bump. I fixed a small mistake, and for the folder that contains the necessary files to overwrite the old ones with, I included some files I forgot to put in the folder, and I updated the link:


If you haven't downloaded Sweet Tooth, then ignore this link and download from one of the images in the original post to get the complete character.

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Hey all! Sweet Tooth has been updated one final time! This update features new sounds, animations, balancing tweaks, and a new win pose! This update has too many things going for it to just be a simple CNS or SFF patch, so the whole character will need to be downloaded again. Like last time, either download Sweet Tooth by himself, or download the Editing Kit package if you want to make your own version! Enjoy the changes, and stay twisted, boys and girls!


Video showcase:


"Sweet Tooth Extra Twisted Edition" Change list


New additions
-Level 3 Hyper “A butcher like me…” has been COMPLETELY redone. Faster, more intense, and downright brutal. Complete with a new laugh!
-Special move “Go for a spin!” now has a finishing move.
-Crouching Machete Poke is now a knife slash.
-The special attack “Scalp Flamethrower” has been replaced with “Hellfire Breath,” a move much like the one he has in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.
-A third “match won” win pose! Sweet Tooth will suddenly have a brief mental breakdown, with his other personality, Marcus Kane, trying to fight for control. You will then see some code, with the shorter line of numbers translating to “I do not think this is real,” and the longer set of numbers saying “In the real world, my name is Marcus Kane.” After the text fades, Sweet Tooth (or rather, Needles Kane) will regain control again and open his eye.


Audio/Visual changes
-Dark Tooth mode now features different sound effects for the Dark Tooth truck, taken straight from Twisted Metal: Head-On. There are also new explosion sounds for things such as the explosive ice cream cone, a new Fire Missile launch sound, and a new Laughing Ghost sound for the “Taste the Tooth” Hyper (thanks, Coleiosis!).
-The red background for the finishing move of “A butcher like me…” now flashes white and red, and both Sweet Tooth and his victim no longer turn black (there wasn’t a good way to implement it, so this effect is gone).
-The laugh SFX for when you KO the enemy has simply been replaced with a higher quality version from the Head-On sound folder.
-Dancing Taunt has had adjustments to movement timing.
-Miscellaneous tweaks to certain attacks and victory poses to make them feel a bit more complete.

Balancing tweaks
-Sweet Tooth can now be knocked out of his grab attempt for the Level 2 “Taste the Tooth” Hyper.
-His guard counterattacks, “Cut it out!” and “This is my curse!” no longer kill.
-Sweet Tooth can now perform “Dashing Grab” out of “Shield Dash.” This does leave you vulnerable though, so time it carefully. Press “y” instead of “x” like you would normally do when running.
-The duration of the “Frozen” state for Player 2 after being hit by Sweet Tooth’s “Freeze Missile” has been reduced by 50 ticks.
-If Sweet Tooth misses with the initial ram attempt at the start of the level 2 “Fear the Reaper” Hyper, he will now ride back in to make a second ram attempt before dismounting his motorcycle. If he makes contact on the second attempt, he will simply get off the motorcycle as if it were the ending phase of the Hyper like normal.
-Criss-Cross Combo is significantly faster, so you’ll no longer be waiting for quite as long for the move to finish if you miss.
-In addition to the adjustment to Criss-Cross Combo, there was an issue where, if P2 was facing away from Sweet Tooth, they would be knocked towards him when he lands the shotgun swing, which would cause the shotgun blast to miss. The backwards momentum when getting hit from behind still occurs, but the shotgun no longer misses.
-Both Uppercut and the TNT helper now launch the opponent at a diagonal angle instead of straight up to help prevent infinites.


Technical adjustments/fixes
-Several improvements to AI. No longer takes forever to activate. Also generally more efficient, and quite frankly, pretty mean. Several things have been improved and even toned down in some cases on the character, but this does not mean that the character is broken, just that the AI is making him seem that way, so be prepared for a lot of spam and cruelty!
-Fixed some positioning and timing inconsistencies for “Machete Massacre – Hit 2.” If Sweet Tooth is going into his animation of putting the machete away, you cannot combo into the second hit.
-Fixed an issue where the custom machete attack states weren’t hitting like they should for the AI.
-Fixed an instance where Sweet Tooth was COMPLETELY unhittable when activating his “Mega Gun Barrage” level 1 Hyper. There is now a very small window that he can be interrupted before he is shielded and the truck comes rolling in.
-When being grabbed, P2 now has a NotHitBy controller until right before the shotgun fires. In addition to this, both Sweet Tooth and P2 have a PlayerPush controller set to 0 to ensure nobody in a team setting pushes them apart during the move. Lastly, as a failsafe, if the shotgun were to miss somehow for some random reason, P2 will now automatically fall down and lose health if they go too long without being hit.



Link 1

Link 2 (combo pack)

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4 minutes ago, Dragon Sam said:

So this is the final update?

Yep! I have nothing more to add to him. He has his new Level 3, some new sound and animations, and some balancing tweaks and technical fixes and changes.


But... you never know if Sweet Tooth will return some day... stronger, and madder than before.

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