Gakkou Gurashi! / School Live!

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Click the author names in the list of characters to get the desired version of the characters (do not click the images themselves).

Red text means a character is offline.


C H A R A C T E R ‒ S E L E C T !

lF1Bvdt.gif Jbjhbf7.gif uqRzaWx.gif 5CWFtbw.gif


kjTmogO.gif 9rYaHbK.gif


List of Characters

Kurumi Ebisuzawa by Nyancha / Yogoroneko || Yuuri Wakasa by Nyancha / Yogoroneko || Megumi Sakura by Chaosdoumei


Kei Shidou by Sandaime || Taroumaru by 2580shota || Zombie Bonus by Anamochi


A D D - O N S ‒ S E L E C T !

AI Patches for Kurumi, Yuuri and Taroumaru by Chaosdoumei

Infected Kurumi .sff Patch by Kirisameshow

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