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These past months and the next year coming I will focus on the full game KOF Anthology 3rd version.
This time I don't want to make just a simple compilation but something more "homogeneous", so I simply applied a template with hitsparks (the tosix ones), 4 buttons easy combos and specials/hypers frenzy.
I've made things to work the fastest possible. It won't be perfect for some characters, a bunch of chars will remain simply basic, I will try to fix and/or improve the most characters I can. A lot of chars are ready to go. I'm still thinking about the screenpack. The road will be long...

WIP topic :
V1 and V2 compilation :

Download : http://duracelleurxmugen.blogspot.fr/2015/09/kof-anthology-all-characters-pack.html

15.09.13 : BTW Let's start with the 47 -A- characters :
Adelheid (by Jin), Agni (by Black), Agrail (by Shoe), Ai (by Fervicante), Aika (by Sarielp3), Akari (by 119way), Akira (by Warune), Akuma (by 119way), Alba Meira (by FZL-MGCool), Alessia (by RBGarcia), Alex Coold (by Nao&M' & Grox), Alfred (by MugenChinaTeam), Alice (by Pablo Perry), Allen Snider (by Chuchoryu), Alou (by Reifi), Amin (by Zayro), Amoumi (by Zelgadis), Andy (by David Demianoff), Aner (by A-KUE), Angel (by Jin), Angelique (by Calcio911), Angry Joe (by SSkye), Anji (by Lucas), Anonym (by NS), Another Iori (by 4LUC4RD H3L§!NG), Another K' MI (by [email protected]), Another K' (by Nao&M), Another Kim (by Mouser & Tyron), Another Kyo (by Jin, Garyu & Ziron), Another Leona (by Tokia/DarkMiguel), Apollo (by 119way), Ash (by Jin), Asuka Kazama (by Chuchoryu), Asuka (by Zelgadis), Asura (by Ahuron), Asura Rugal (by Noel), Athenas (by GURI), Athena Armored (by xxxXx), Athena Goddess (by EternalBliss), Athena Heidern (by S.Y.D), Athena (by JFCT555), Athena Nurse (by S.Y.D), Athena R. (by ‚¨‚è‚è‚ñ), August (by Kira Takanashi), Aura (by Crucifix), Ayaka (by Shoe), Ayane (by Akkin)

15.09.19 : 25 -B- characters :
Bad Shingo (by Wing Syo), Baedal (by Oscar12345), Baitang (by Mr.S), Baki (by Tokage), Balrog (by Fixxxer), Balto (by Reifi), Bao (by Juanxoc), Baroness (by zy5678), Basara (by TightRiam), Battle Suit (by QAZ), Bebum Ryo (by Daimonmau), Benimaru (by BUG¾øÔµ¿á×Ð), Bill (by Sweater), Billy Classic (by KoopaKoot), Billy (by Ahuron), Billy Lee (by RYO 2005), Bio Element (by Sba), B.Jenet (by P-tan), Blanka (by 119way), Blue Mary (by TESTP), Bob Wilson (by CrossCat), Borz (by Doko), Brian (by [email protected]), Brian JMAX (by Reginukem & [email protected]), Brider (by chenLY2001).

15.09.20 : 27 -C- characters :
Cammy (by Belial & Clayton), Candy (by hlhho&aa), Caprio (by RBGarcia), Captain Commando (by Zolagun), Carol (by H.A.L.L.), Cassios (by Tonos & Tux), Chang (by [email protected]), Cheng (by Thedge), Chin (by Zelgadis), Chizuru (by Ahuron), Choi (by Hh), Chonrei & Chonshu (by 119way), Chris (by Ahuron), Christian by (bml29), Chunli (by Fervicante), C-Krizalid (by 1%), Clark (by OrochiKOF97), Claudia (by Hannah Montana & ClaudiaProgramII), Cless (by Sekirei), Clone Kyo Blood (by HELL), Clone Orochi (by Elecbyte), Clone SS (by Sba), Constans (by Fishbed), Cool-Choi (by Oscar12345), Corpse (by Ahuron), Crawdo (by Rikard), Cyber-Woo (by Aomura).

15.10.20 : 32 -D- characters :
Daimon (by Ahuron), Dai-Seki-Mon (by ýˆ°×·½), Dan (by Ahuron), Dante (by Alexlexus), Daphne (by D, The Red Cloak & [email protected]), Dark Adel (by DA), Dark AI (by Yagami+ihoo1836), Dark Genjuro (by Ahuron), Dark Hanzo (by Metroker), Dark Iori (by Eros_MX), Dark Magician Girl (by DJ Xtool), Dark N (by D-N), Dark Ryu (by Ahuron), Dark Schneider (by Tony ADV), Dark Zero (by Dark), Darth Maul (by RMX), Dash (by MyMugen), Demitri (by Bad Darkness), Dhalsim (by Wara), Diamond (by Tony ADV), Diana (by Li_kun, Wk,Ryuu, Wllian & Zelgadis), Dolf (by Cadavelico), Dong Hwan (by Jin/Oscar12345), Double-A (by Aoba), Dragon Ken (by Shammahalfa1), Drax (by Bdc), Dr Zan (by Zherg/Kaos), Duck King (by Ahuron), Duester (by Lifeend), Duke (by 119way), Duolon (by Ahuron), D-Yashiro (by Chin-ya).

15.10.27 : 14 -E- characters :
Earthquake (by Mouser), E-Gouki (by 119way), Eiji Kisaragi (by Ahuron), Eiji Shirow (by Orochi Dark Cloud & Rick Pk Liquid Snake), Element (by Zelgadis), Elisabeth (by Fervicante), Elektro Soldat (by HM), Eve (by Hanma), Evil Ken (by Don Drago), Evil Kula (by ??), Evil Robert (by Koffab), Evil Ryu (by 119way & win0dds), Evil Soul (by Kain The Supreme & ½ðÉßÌì×ð), Exile (by Hell).

15.11.18 : 17 -F- characters :
Falco (by Zenjidoh), Falco (by HNK Team), Falcon (by Kamekaze), Fei-Long (by ŒŽ‰e•—–‚), Fenrir (by Terric, YoungZac, Wise, Squall & FTB), Fio (by Ainotenshi), Firebrand (by Hh), Flames Iori (by ·ç»¨), Flamme (by Juke Kisaragi), Fliz (by Juke Kisaragi), Forte (by Reifi), Foxy (by M.M.R.), Franco Bash (by Tora), Frank Archer (by Rei), Freeman (by K.O.D), Freya (by Bathtub), Fuuma (by Fervicante).

15.12.16 : 32 -G- characters :
Gai Tendo (by Ahuron), Gale(by “ú–{˜T & Ikaruga), Gallus Douglas (by Gullon), Gato (by K.O.D), Geese (by Jin), Geese Neowave (by Ikaruga), Geki (by David Bazbar, Cwdevine & Falchion22), Gelato (by Aoba), Genjuro (by Ahuron), Geo Kensou (by ??), Ghost Rider (by Dark Rider), Giano (by Aiduzzi & El Solo), Gladiator (by Aa250 & Bdc), G-Mantle (by by MR.S, Misamu K Young & DarkMiguel), God Silver (by Ahuron), Goekuma (aka "!") (by Chin-ya), Goeniko (by GONZO-, Ahuron & DoomedMan), Goenitz (by ??), Go Hibiki (by MDK & listening), Goku (by Boryema), Gonbe (by HM), Goodman (by MDK), Gorimaru Jr (by Ahuron), Gouken (by Aragan, 119way & EMU-win), G-Raging (by Raisu), Grant (by Adrianares), Green (by Gurin Sanda), Griffon (by Crossõcat), Grox (by Grox), Guile (by Thedge), Guilty (by Shunchain & Tecla2000), Gustab (by Zelgadis).

16.01.25 : 26 -H- characters :
Hagen (by Thedge), Haine (by Y&M), Hakufu (by Zelgadis), Hanzo (by Mouser & 119way), Hanzo (by KGenjuro), Haohmaru (by Hirohiro), Haruka (by HM), Hayate (by Ahuron), Heavy D (by Ahuron), Heidern (by Heidern), Heiz (by Ark), He-man (by Kain the Supreme), Heraclius (by Fishbed), Hige (by Siegfried8823), Hikaru (by Rikard), Hikaru (by Nyankoro), Hinako (by David Demianoff), Hokutomaru (by ??), Honda (by Thedge), Hon-Fu (by Mouser), Hotaru (by M3), Hugo (by Adamskie), Huriken (by German), Hwa Jai (by MR.S & Larno), Hyoga (by SaintDream & Mugenpixart Team), Hyo Korinagi (by Adriano & The Raven Effect).

16.02.27 : 12 -I- characters :
Ice (by Black), Igniz (by GONZO-), Ikki (by Tonos, Vegeth1985, SeiyaDivin & Tux), Inverno (by Blue-eyes & Dura), Iori Bogard (by ??), Iori Nikaido (by Kyoyagami), Iori Clone 11 (by Sba), Iori-XIII (by MyMugen), Iori Yagami (by Ikaruga), Ioro (by Jin & The Raven Effect), Isabeau (by smhungary89), Izuko (by P-tan).

16.03.04 : 19 -J- characters :
Jack (by Reifi), Jae Hoon (by Oscar12345), Jagi (by HNK TEAM), Jagaoh Jazu (by Mage), Jaime Sommers (by @(:))-{Yaten}<), Jess (by Kalumon & Thedge), Jhun (by David Demianoff & GoD_Ryu), Jimmy Lee (by Jin Kazama & Mugen Zone), Joe Kusanagi (by MR.S & Misamu K Young), Joe Higashi (by K.O.D), Johann (by God-Aztec), John Crawley (by Evil Orochi), John Rambo (by Ricardo Omar), Joker (by 1%), Joker (by Fervicante), Juarez (by RBGarcia), Jubei Yamada (by Metal Warrior), Juuza (by HNK Team), Jyazu (by Ahuron).

16.04.16 : 63 -K- characters :
K' (by NAO&M), K# (by Jin), K9999 (by Black), Kaede (by Zelgadis), Kagami Taei (by DarkVista), Kai Harn (by Tony Adv), Kain (by 119way), Kairi (by Chuchoryu), Kall-Su (by Tony ADV), Kane (by Black), Kara-Kara (by Oscar12345), Karate (by God-Aztec), Karma (by Rislim), Kasumi (by Juke Kisaragi), Kasumi (by Akkin), Kay (by Black), Kazuma (by O Ilusionista), Kazuya (by Chuchoryu), K-Blood (by Jin), K-Brant (by Jin), Keeper Of K (by Flowrallia), Kei (by Rikard), Kelly (by RBGarcia), Ken (by 119way), Kenen Shi (by Yuki), Kenshin Uesugi (by 19tyou), Kenshiro (by Hell), Kensou (by JFCT555), Kensou Ex (by JFCT555), Kera (by Chin-ya), Kevin Rian (by NHK & Ptzptz7), Kung Fu Girl (by S.Y.D), Kung Fu Man (by Mage), Khriz (by JFCT555), Kill (by Black & Zaiko), Kim (by Ahuron), Kim PK (by David Demianoff & Mugen ITF), Kim Dragon (by Chuchoryu), Kimberly (by Rikard), King (by David Demianoff), Kira Sky (by Gray Shuma), Kisarah (by 119way), Kollie (by Kesenai Tsumi & Mengbin9), Krauser (by Jin), Krizalid-01 (by 119way), Krizalid-02 (by Nyankoro), Ksura (by K-Z), Kuando (by Aiduzzi), Kula (by David Demianoff & 119way), Kurow Kirishima (by Reisol), Kusanagi (by Jin), Kushnood (by Thedge), Kyaga (by Hell), Kyo (by Jin), Kyo-AD (by LZKOO, JWH, KOFZ Team, KOMW Team & MDK), Kyo Clone 4 (by BAL), Kyo-213 (by Kotori£¦ÒÒ¼§±Ìɯ¶ù), Kyo-233 (by Kotori), Kyo XIII (by Jin), Kyo Yagami (by NiO & Vans), Kyoko (by TypaA), Kyoko Type P (by Ambasa), Kyozalid (by Listening & MDK).

16.05.14 : 28 -L- characters :
Lamia (by Y&M), Laurent Demianoff (by David Demianoff), Lee Pai Long (by Ahuron), Lee Rekka (by Rabz), Leo Alphonse (by Zion kirishima), Leon Kennedy (by Wou), Leona (by NAO&M.& 119way), Leona Alt (by KoopaKoot & NiO), Leonard (by Flowrallia), Lien (by NiO, RiCCochet, Thedge, Kalumon & Anhell), Lilica (by Oscar12345 & Jin), Lilly Kane (by Yumehiko), Lin (by 119way), Link (by MICROmor&Mike), Li-Sima (by Kaisami & Misamu), Loba (by David Demianoff & the Raven Effect), Lodiac (by Akue & Joseph And Zavala), Loki (by KaintheSupreme, Jarrot, Skhsato123 & Arkady), Lucky Glauber (by Sander71113), Lucy Fernandez (by On.Off & Fervicante), Luffy (by Kenshiro99), Luise (by Blue Blood), Lumina (by Y&M), Lyndis (by Ambasa), Lynn (by Faye & Roque), Lynx (by Reifi), Lyserg (by ‚è@M), Lyzer (by Juke Kisaragi).

16.07.01 : 47 -M- characters :
M (by Jin), Magaki (by Jin), Mai (by Juke Kisaragi & 119way), Malenko (by 119way), Malin (by KoopaKoot), Manute (by Rei•elm), Marco (by Ahuron), Marco Hwoarang (by Junior Chillage & Ironmugen), Marguerite (by Kira Takanashi), Maria (by Zayro), Marine (by Tonos), Mario (by 119way, GMSpectre, Winodds & Mengbin9), Marisa (by hoe2), Mars People (by CrossCat), Masago (by The Supremes), Mature (by Juke Kisaragi), Maxima (by Gargoyle), May Lee (by KoopaKoot), M Bison (by Hh), Mech Iori (by Hirohiro), Meer Campbell (by NSX-R), Meiling (by Bosouvy), Mei Long (by Oscar12345), Meld (by Zenjidoh), Michael Max (by MrS), Mika (by Rikard), Mina (by Ali & Ahuron), Mintechi (by DanteAkashiya), Misamu (by EX&JE), Mizoguchi (by 119way & Winodds), Mizore (by Zelgadis), Mizuch-i-gniz (by Ivanchito), Mizuchi (by Ahuron), MK (by Kotori), Moe (by Fangke & N.A.P. Studio Fanzinemania), Mohamed (by Rikard), Momoko (by Juke Kisaragi), Mono (by HM), Moriya (by Stephengi), Mr Big (by E-FRY), Mr Karate NGBC (by Beppu), Mr Karate SVC (by Cirio), Mr K' (by Misogi), Mr R (by Flowrallia), Mr Williams (by Diego Sanches), Mudman (by Fervicante), Mukai (by GONZO-).

16.08.03 : 19 -N- characters :
Nakoruru (by 119way), Nameless (by Ahuron), Nao (by NAO&M.), Naomi (by Zelgadis), Naruto (by Kempachi-mx), Neige (by Zenjidoh), Nein (by Aoba), Neitan (by Oscar12345 & Jin), Nemesis (by JozoTheBoogey), Neo (by Y&M), Neo-Dio (by Jin), Neo-Geegus (by Hiram Yagami), Nests Rugal (by Wangshop2008 & Zelgadis), Night Gaunt (by Kibunnyakarasu), Night Kyo (by Jjong1917), Nightmare Geese (by MyMugen), Nightmare Iori (by Kirishima16), Nise K' (by Kyll), No Flames Kyo (by H.A.L.L.).

16.08.11 : 20 -O- characters :
Omega Shingo (by Ahuron), Orochi (by GONZO-), Orochi Ash (by DLS), Orochi Benimaru (by Hiro Hiro), Orochi Igniz (by heil73=)), Orochi Iori (by Zelgadis & Shin Yagami), Orochi Joe (by Ahuron), Orochi K' (by ‚Ý‚©‚¦‚é), Orochi Kusanagi (by Ahuron), Orochi Kyo (by Jin &  AddiK), Orochi Kyo Alt (by Hirohiro & 119way), Orochi Kyo SP (by Glasses), Orochi Kyoko (by Yokurei), Orochi Leona (by Ahuron), Orochi Ralf (by NucLeon), Orochi Shingo (by Oscar12345 & Jin), Orochi Takashi (by Chin-ya), Oswald (by Ahuron), Other Candy (by LunaTuna), Ouroboros (by Reifi).

16.08.13 : 5 -P&Q- characters :
Pepe (by 119way), Pioneer (by Black), Poison (by The KJ), Poncho Rodriguez (by Smoke), Quartz (by âS).

16.09.13 : 39 -R- characters :
Raging Ken (by Ryon), Raiden (by Diegoni & Aa250), Railer (by Jin & Oscar12345), Rain (by Morinonaka), Ralf (by Vans), Ramon (by Tin), Raoh (by HNK Team), Ravenous (by Ex-Inferis & On-Off), Ray McDougal (by MR.S & Misamu K Young), Reas (by Jin), Reed Richards (by Bdc and Aa250), Rei (by HNK Team), Rei (by Nekome), Reiji (by Shinriyo & N.A.P), Reimu (by Nyoibou), Richard Meyer (by MR.S Misamu K Young Shin Dio), Rick Strowd (by 119way), Rikard (by Rikard), Rikimaru (by Roks), Rin Kagamine (by Nanda), Rober Pasta (by D, The Red Cloak & Trinitronity), Robert (by Vans), Robert NBC (by Jin), Rock (by Jin), Rocky (by xxxXx), Rolf (by NHK), Roomi (by Ali), Roper (by Diego Sanches), Rosa (by NoiseLow), Rose Bernstein (by Randy & Ale), Rozwel (by Human Human), Rugal (by Jin), Rumble McSkirmish (by Chuchoryu), Ryo (by Mouser), Ryo WA (by David Demianoff, Gabiru, JonathanS & Clayton), Ryo CCI (by David Demianoff & Mr.Karate), Ryu (by 119way), Ryuhaku (by MR.S,Misamu K Young & Proto), Ryunmei (by P-Tan).

16.10.28 : 64 -S- characters :
Sachiel (by Rikard), Sacola Man (by Andre Marques & Hloader), Saga (by Master Saga & Genmaken), Sagat (by Mouser & Ptzptz7), Saiki (by Mugeningan & Glasses), Saiki Boss (by Werewood & Shichibukai), Sailor Moon (by Ryoga), Saint Kyo (by ¶ñ¶Ï»ðÑæ & ÌìÌìSYÄÐ), Saisyu (by David Demianoff), Sakura (by Darkgirl), Sakuraba Sakazaki (by Chuchoryu), Samus (by Chuchoryu & DMSderProgamer), Sandy (by JuanABL), Sanosuke (by Aoshi24, DanMT, and Edogawa Inpo), Saori (by Shunchain & Tecla2000), Seal (by Rislim), Sean (by Thedge), Segata Sanshiro (by The MvC Champ), Seiya (by Tecla2000, Claudio Ricci & Dura), Selen (by Reifi), Seth (by Nyankoro), Setsuna (by Orochi Herman & Infinite), Shadow (by Chin-ya), Shameimaru (by Amzak), Sharptail (by PJM), Shen Woo (by Jin), Shermie (by Juke Kisaragi), Sheryl (by Sati), Shew (by HNK-Team), Shiki (by Zelgadis), Shin (by HNK-Team), Shingo (by JFCT555), Shingo After School (by 119way), Shin Akuma (by Okachanman), Shin Go Hibiki (by Mr.X-file), Shin Kriz (by Kriz & NAE), Shin Mr Karate (by Jin), Shin Mr Saikyo (by Dj-TuGa-b0y & Mr.X-file), Shio (by Yagami), Shion (by Juke Kisaragi), Shirou (by Reifi), Shiryu (by Tecla2000), Shishioh (by Jin & 119way), Sieger by (K3nShiN), Silver (by Ahuron), Silver Surfer (by Aa250 & Bdc), Sinobu (by Zelgadis), Skeletor (by Kain The Supreme), Skrull (by Bdc & Aa250), Skullomania (by SeanAltly & DivineWolf), Slash (by Xemnas), Slasher (by RBGarcia), Smart Chang (by Kotori & Mengbin9), Sokaku (by Chang & Krausar), Sonic (by MUGEN Hunter), Sonic Machine (by DñO), Soria (by HNK-Team), Souji (by Ahuron), Souther (by HNK-Team), Steed (by Manish Sen), Steven Seagal (by The Supremes), Strider Hiryu (by Metal Warrior), Super Kusanagi (by Lash), Syo Kirishima (by Ahuron).

16.11.08 : 19 -T&U- characters :
Tabasa (by NHK), Takuma (by Cirio), Takuma AOF (by Belial, Clayton & JonathanS), Takuma Karate (by Clarens and TAChan), Tenshi (by Ka2obushi), Tenshiro (by JuanABL), Terha (by NAO&T-K & DñO), Terry Bogard 2k1 (by Sander71113 & Maximillian J[E]nus), Terry Bogard 2k3 (by Ahuron), Terry Bogard (by Zelgadis), Tifa (by Grid & Kayui UMA), Tjukey (by HNK Team), Toki (by HNK Team), Tora (by Oscar12345 & BaseJin), Treey (by Mouser & The Raven Effect), Trevor (by Evil Orochi), Tung Fu Rue (by Raposo), Unlucky Glauber (by Ahuron), Uzuki (by TKU).

16.12.03 : 18 -V&W- characters :
Valmer Rugal (by Siegfried8823), Val Vultures (by Navetsea), Vanessa (by Ahuron), Vega (by Raposo & 119way), Vegzess (by ???), Vesper (by Sai Jack), Vice (by OrochiKOF97 & KamranBernstein), Vinzelles (by Lifeend), Violent Dan (by Mr.X-file), Violent Ken (by The Lord of Flies), Violent K' (by Hirohiro), Violent Ryu (by Don Drago), Violent Yamazaki (by Tyron), V-Zero (by Aoba), Washizuka (by Raposo), Whip (by Hh), White (by Rin & Bat), Wind (by Soyokaze).

16.12.20 : 28 -X&Y&Z- characters :
Xiangfei (by Juke Kisaragi), Xion (by Reifi), Yabuki (by Sasoro), Yamazaki (by Orochikof97), Yang (by Dick Buckus), Yashiro (by Ahuron), Yeorin Lee (by BlackSnow & Opirus), Young Rugal (by Baikunori), Yuki (by Ahuron), Yuki (by 119way), Yuki Kushinada (by Blue Blood & Fervicante), Yukino (by Zelgadis), Yuko (by Gorori), Yun (by 119way), Yuri (by Fervicante), Yuri EX (by David Demianoff), Yuri Honki (by Ahuron), Yurika (by Fervicante), Zein Dael (by Zenjidoh), Zero (by N64Mario), Zero Clone (by Men's Club), Zero Original (by Men's Club), Zeroko (by Oni-Miko), Zero-ko (by Baian Fujieda), Zerozuchi (by DanteAkashiya), Zik (by Morinonaka), Zodiac (by A-Kue & Kill), ZX (by Reifi).



17.07.25 :: 3 -BONUS- character :
Jun Lee (by Duracelleur, based on 119way's ShingoAS), Dianus (by A-KUE), Atesa (by Aaze).



Download : http://duracelleurxmugen.blogspot.fr/2015/09/kof-anthology-all-characters-pack.html

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On Thursday, December 17, 2015 at 2:52 AM, Remzy said:

Well its a KoF game I wouldn't be expecting 6 buttons at all.

Well Benimaru and Ai have 6 buttons. I got them last week but forgot to say that :p

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Cool, thanks for the updates and Happy New Year!

I have a question. Will you add this Iori aswell?

He isn't Flameless, as the video says. He has white flames and some more moves. Would be really cool if he would be included ;)

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There is one bug with Hagen. When he uses specials and the enemy is defending, his specials start doing low damage on the enemy, even if not defending itself from it.

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On 16/2/2016 at 3:51 PM, Jinx. said:

There is one bug with Hagen. When he uses specials and the enemy is defending, his specials start doing low damage on the enemy, even if not defending itself from it.


I will see what I can do...

Update 16.02.27 :  9 -I- characters.
Check first post.

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Update 16.05.04 : Wayback Machine : added Another K', Another Kim, Another Kyo, Baitang, Billy Lee, Bob Wilson, Cammy, Clone Kyo Blood, Evil Kula, Forte, Freeman, Geo Kensou, Grant, Grox, Heiz, Hokutomaru, Inverno, Kain and Kyo-233 to their respective letter.

Check first post.

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On 2016年5月14日 at 4:12 AM, duracelleur said:

Update 16.05.14 : 22 -L- characters.
Check first post.

Do you have "kimsueil 2k5 "by Oscar12345? it is nice char.open short time. but can't find in net.i search it 7 years.

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Hi duracelleur I  found only 9 character with discolored small portraits. so I took the time and fix them for you.So please you can add them to your collection.
 Here are the 9 KOFA characters with there fixed small port :D and please keep up with the awesome work your doing :hyo:

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