XenoCard's W.I.P Thread (Cynos Released! But Who's Next?)

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XenoCard's Wip Thread


Greetings people, this is my W.I.P thread as I shall show you what I'm working on.

(Some things are changed overtime to make it nice and easy)






Arcnel (Original/Street Fighter)

For MUGEN 1.0/1.1 Only (Based out of my old work NeoZekrom) (Sprites from Jmorphman's Ken)

Development Log: 20%

Status = Not really there but his sprites and all that stuff is there.




Shiba (Booby Tales/Custom)

For MUGEN 1.0/1.1 Only

Development Log: 0%

Status = Still getting sprites needed to convert, Nearly finished with his basics.



Dowl (Booby Tales/Custom)

Status: MUGEN 1.0/1.1 Only

Development Log: 0%

Status = Ripping Sprites, might be easier to work with.

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On 12/19/2015 at 4:25 PM, TMC55 said:

These look nice, especially Nigel, it's great to see new original characters in mugen. Can't wait to see more progress.

Thank you sir. Although he might have similar moves, I'll try to give him a nice touch up! I'll see what I can do.

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Hello everyone! Time for a little update yes? Here's what we got.




Nigel's running! Most of the sprites look a bit off, I might fix that. But not to worry, All I need to do now is to work on his damaged sprites and attacks and he should be getting some specials and supers and hypers. But, Palletes needs to be done.


Also I added Sans. I hope you're ready for a bonefied treat.

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Hello everybody! Sorry that I hadn't update this thing for a long time but I gotten to change Nigel's design. So here's his new and improved one.




Course we got a somewhat color seperation so if you want to contribute palletes to be added, that would be great!


Also, I found Akatsuki sprites for Uniel so hopefully things don't turn out bad. More updates soon and feedback would be really appreciated.

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Hello everybody! Please allow me to update upon what's been going on. For the past few weeks due to a bit of personal stuff and stress, Nigel wasn't really was in the progress I intended... I drew the Stance.. The Crouch.. that's it. That's... literally it. I tried doing the rest but my mind wasn't really set or prepared for the huge work to put up with. Therefore.. and this doesn't mean Nigel is cancelling although I'm considering since things can be a bit tricky from years going on. I'm trying the best I can to provide and contribute to the M.U.G.E.N community and Nigel can be that kickstarter to make me feel happy to be in service. Although I think I should ease up and start something less difficult. Oh yeah! Less difficult and probably easier to get used to the upcoming work for M.U.G.E.N. So... do you remember One Must Fall 2097?


It was a really swell game to play and a very awesome and simple robot fighting game. I know it was converted into M.U.G.E.N by aokmaniac13 but... when I played them, they were fun to play, although a little more tlc could had worked just like his latest Shadow and Chronos. So I decided to give OMF 2097 a chance again and remake at least 3 characters from the game. And I already considered one robot that I mained.




That's right folks for my attempt to make OMF 2097 characters a little more relevant, I'm going to make Jaguar! ... but... I'll be using aokmaniac13's Jaguar for most of the stuff and try to code a few things. It might not be the best, or a failure but I wouldn't want to let it go to waste. With a little tlc, This Jaguar would play like his Shadow and Chronos for that neat presentation. Stay tune upon the progress of this awesome fellow. I've already considered Katana and Nova too but for Jaguar I need to get the Scrap/Destruction sprites from that TGA format.


Oh yeah and I'll give credit.

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All jokes aside, here's progress upon what Jaguar is doing so far.




There's a bit of pallete errors but I'll fix that after I fix some codings. Oh yeah he has a intro. Yes!

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More Update upon my Jaguar:


Hitsparks fixed

Overhead Throw is faster a little more in par in the game with added trails

Some of Jaguar's attacks slown down a little to properly combo better

Extended Jaguar Leap renamed to Shadow Jaguar Leap and added some effects

Sounds added

Jaguar would move after being defeated for too much at the liedead animation. Now after it looks up it stays down.


What's needed


Throw Fixed

Adding Shadow Jaguar Leap and Triple Concussion Cannon

Super Move which is it's Scrap/Destruction move

A.I (in a later update)


so far, he's almost finished! Just got to add these guys

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The progress of my new character. Alright before I even explain this type of stuff I need to apologize for the previous projects not even working. I haven't been fully faithful to my work and due to some events they've been cancelled. It's probably what fate lies ahead.

Now that I'm pretty much trying my best to get the show on the road and try something out, I had a idea while I was working on a English Voicepack of Ryu by P.O.T.S. I loved Ryu in the past but I didn't really know where to start to show my gratitude. So with my favorite character made by one of my favorite authors I decided to try editing him for this experiment. And with the inspiration of MFG's Street Fighter and Ryu at bay I'm gonna give him a shot by editing the best I can. Course there's already multiple Ryus out there. So here's my goal:

Add Kyle Herbert's voice instead
New Sprites for some things (like his Talk is Cheap taunt from Super Smash Bros)
Tweaked Moveset
Normal Ryu and Evil Ryu (Master too.)
Evil Ryu getting a bit of a revamp to make him more violent.


Course it's almost finished, the movesets are sort of tweaked and now I'll lay this to rest when I replace a few of Evil Ryu's super moves.

I'm not really gonna add some stuff from SFV like his V-Trigger but it's a good concept. Anyway, this particular character is suppose to be around the 15th of September. Hopefully it'll be done right, and if there's anything to say feel free to speak your mind. He might be released today!

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I can't believe I actually managed to do what I gotta do, and that's to make a M.U.G.E.N character at least? Ryu's been fine and dandy but I decided to take things to a higher route. And what better way is to revamp a really odd MVC2 character that seems to deserve a major comeback. I said this previously but this time I meant what I said.




Ladies and Gentlemen... NeoZekrom is coming back as an actual CVS2 sprite with neat features. Course with a new trick and a new palette that makes him feel human. (To throwback, his old attire will be in as an alternate palette) I might use Jmorphman's Ken as a base, but so far let's see how this goes. This character will have the following stuff new and changed.


  • Revamped Moves from before
  • Still have the voice of Sean/Kusanagi/SFA era Ken with other sorts
  • A.I that's forgiving but challenging at the same time to make up his style
  • Hints of references of the past (Zekrom as a example)

His new name will be Arcnel... probably something like Arcen or Ceran but I think I'm gonna roll with Arcnel.

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Alrighty everybody, gather around because here's the next character that'll be coming to M.U.G.E.N




It's Cynos! Cynos resembles Vectorman but hey that's just what I like about that. Here's what I planned for him:


MVC-like gameplay

Made entirely from Pivot

Close Combat Character with some range.





Gaia Stream: Sinic's Haymaker from the past. He charges up a punch to prepare for a good strike. The inputs determine how long he charges and how much distance it takes.

Crash Track: Cynos unleashes some punches. The inputs depends on how much he'll do.

High Top Vectors: Cynos uses his arm to try to come to contact with the opponent. If grabbed the opponent will be tossed aside with a running german suplex

Sky Dropper: Jumping into the air, he attempts to grab the opponent up high. When successful he'll toss them to the ground.

Xeno Somersault: He does an Axe Kick. A anti air that should be helpful like in the past.

Shady Streams: Cynos' only sort of range move. It takes time but he'll fire a beam from his eyes to make sure the opponent stays away from him.



Orca Stream: Cynos jumps into the air to dive head forward to the opponent. Coming into his way will cause Cynos to attack three times. Based out of Antonov's Tunguska Bomber

Focus Punch: While not overly dynamic, it does a heafy amount of damage. With the energy gathered, Cynos unleashes a good knuckle.

Hurricane Diver: The new version of Comet Blaster, Instead of the Donkey Kong song however Cynos will just jump up and crash down with the opponent at ease.



Rooted Circuts.: Once Cynos gets in contact, He'll unleash a barrage of punches. The final attack resembles Saeki's move from his own game.

Cygnus Wave: When Cynos gets in contact with the opponent he attempts the unthinkable and down he goes.

Tunnel Down The River: Hurricane Diver gets a three attempts, but the final one ends it all.

Great White Stream: A amped up version of Orca Stream. This time it's 7 attacks, and the last one is a throwback to his old C.HP.

Multi Million GAMMA BLASTER: This is one beam I can't really explain. But he jumps up in the air and prepares a massive beam to earth. It would cause an eruption that'll make the opponent explode. (not sure if this'll be added)


He'll be around the 12th-17th or so. Stick around for the trailer when he's nearly complete.

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Sorry for the long hiatus but I'm back with Cynos. He's up and at em again. I managed to get on the computer of my grandparents. So I should be able to suffice.


For Cynos, He's gotten a few amount of redesigns but this one should be the cake.




Now he definitely looks like Vectorman to an extent but, I'm not sure when will his release date will come. You'll just have to see eventually whenever I can roll. Thanks for following the development, I'll try to update better.

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My fellow dudes, I have some news to share with you guys. Cynos... is almost finished.




Cynos lacks something I'm sure of but I do want to make him right. That's where you guys come in!


I'm looking for people who can test him out and help me what to do and what's wrong with him so I can improve him and for my future characters. I'm really proud about this character but he can be better with your help.


If you wish to help me out, send me a private message and I'll lend you a testing version of him.



Here's him in action!


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On 10/12/2017 at 11:20 AM, SuperKyo24 said:

It's cool, bro


what about Booby tales M.U.G.E.N. Edition?


Thats something I'll definitely look into in the future. Shiba comes first to test the waters but I dont know if the sprites can be ripped.

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Hey fellas, missed me? Alright, it's time to show some stuff.



First. Cynos





You guys remember Cynos right? He's getting a new design like I said for a game I'm going to make for Ikemen called Vibrant Fighters.



He was meant to be released a week ago but I gotten lazy about that.. Sorry guys. Still, I got good news.


Cynos is literally 50% Finished. His basics are all there. He's just missing his specials, and supers. I might consider adding EX Specials but, for now I'll leave them out. I'm planning on releasing him at the weekends so expect either today or sunday. If not, Tuesday is my best bet.




Now the next guy is... you guessed it. Voltes!




That's what you think this is who I meant.. you're right. But, he's getting a redesign! Look!




That's right y'all, For the first time in years one of my oldest W.I.P.S is getting a revamp. New look, new style, new ways to roll. He brandishes a lightsaber and a wisecrackin' mouth of Nick from Left 4 Dead 2. Fun Fact, when he was being made he had a Energy Sword, A supermove were he turns into a dragon, and was basically a KFM spriteswap. However, this new version of Voltes is made in scratch like Cynos. Expect him in Spring/Summer 2018!



And finally, other characters.



Now, I was thinking about taking it easy and do sprite rip characters since they can be a chore to animate and do. But, what do you guys think?


Here's one of the potential canidates




I could do Dowl from Booby Tales or I can do a NGPC character (Probably finish NGPC Akuma.)


Who knows? Anyway, that's about it for my update. I'll try to finish Cynos, but till then have fun!

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