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As suggested by GreenZed, this topic will contain all creations made by KoopaKoot, which are now mostly offline.

Click the images to download! Feel free to point out what character are missing.


Characters with AI Patches included: Adelheid, Athena XI, Blue Mary, Buletta, Kula, Mai, Malin, Nameless, Ryo and Shiki



9rpb9xq.gif                    Uh5dbBm.gif                  xjsjbhC.gif                 cvMc8Qo.gif                 EXgOW9w.gif      VqWsSL4.gif


1AlIXUp.gif                     oFokSF3.gif                      LryZOQA.gif                      rZPqzK4.gif                      TEtSU4u.gif                      ZycMQf1.gif



m8WJC0e.gif                    COYjcoU.gif                    f2qp8dI.gif                    ACmWYeW.gif                    ekFC4wb.gif                     8tTDfWR.gif



rOa03VP.gif                    GywnEnG.gif                    paJBNVk.gif                     e14qEfi.gif                    WbzULcA.gif                   dvPpEX5.gif



shzzHpE.gif                       NNwERr9.gif                       PvnwtVi.gif                       EYJCwGr.gif





fVkyIzr.gif                      7FTRFPn.gif





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Anybody care to explain the differences between the three Geeses?

1st: Rather a normal Geese

2nd: Supposed to be a joke character, however nothing really sticks out than his intro and random voicepack

3rd: More random voicepack consisting of laugh and giggles, hence the name "Crazy Laughing Geese"

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7 hours ago, BLFML72 said:

Some of the characters don't really seem to have challenging AI, Even Terry, Are you going to fix the AI to make them fight more?

I'm no AI coder, my apologies

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