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Click the author names below the images to download! AA Out Break is an online fighting game based on 2chan's Emoticon characters.  

For more informations please visit: http://monarpg.usamimi.info/archive/GrooNess/aa_out_break.html

Note: Red text means a character is offline.



dI8OFp6.png 9QaKMse.png X33TZnv.png


CQRsEC8.png sXMxmzz.png g5NNNaS.png


f2WKgjd.png uAaEvCs.png Tg5P3Ly.png


Takaragiko || Cockle || Onigiri  || D || Fusagiko || Ahya || C || Sineba || Colynse 

All made by Donkou



Futaba Channel Emoticons Collection

 Nijikaku Collection

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Nice small collab Ry, you know Boon's missing from the Futaba Collection and two other characters there have authors, their name wasn't in their def. files. Tukuruyo was made by Nonobe & DokuganP was created by Mizoochicrash.

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