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Hello guys... Here is something a little interesting... I decided to say "screw it" and do some I.K.E.M.E.N Screenpack conversions for it since... well... not many (if anyone) really has tried to do a screenpack for JUST ikemen (besides full projects and what not). Let's break this boundary, shall we?


Infinity Mugen Team's Blue Screenpack!

Converted for I.K.E.M.E.N (The Mugen Online/Netplay Engine)

This Screenpack is 100% only for Ikemen. It contains the following (Check Spoilers):

And almost perfect replication of the original screenpack! All the way from Main Menu, character select screen, and a few custom traits!



It includes three choices for the amount of characters you want to add (with no duplicate roster table!):

70 Chars


300 Chars


1000 CHARS


And best of all.... using Ikemen's wonderful feature of ONLINE MUGEN ACTION!




Important NOTE: Some liberties had to be made and some custom things had to be added as well as a few cuts...

- Different soundtrack for character selection (trust me, do you WANT to listen to Darude Sandstorm?).
- Different lifebars from the RED version (since the blue ones were 1.0 and too big, as well as the winmugen version being corrupted).
- A few changes to the screenpack itself (mostly if not only noted in the character select screen and versus screen since I am still new to screenpack making and converting).

But nothing affecting your mugen experience...


Download link:

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I'm very impressed!

When I edited Ikemen before I couldnt figure out some places, but you definitely figured out all of it.


Thanks dude... I'm hoping to do more conversions in the future.

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