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Collection remade. Click in the author name to download. Red is missing/offline. Yellow is WIP


BIG UPDATE! Added stuff from MKP Season 2.5!


IMPORTANT NOTES: The MKP chars are indicated as (MKP).

Borg117, Jermaine Kidd, Hanzo & Commodore, DarkEvilous and BlackAcid10 MKP chars are for the Borg117's Update.

I'LL NOT INCLUDE CHEAP/CRAP MKP CHARS/EDITS. Only regular MKP chars that are compatible with normal MUGEN using this patch made by Mugenload.










Johnny Cage: Omegapsycho / Reign / Erroratu / Gorjeador: Normal - Edit(SabreCage) / Rugal2(MKP) / MelvanaInChains(Bootleg+Edit) - Exclamation_Question's Edit


Kano: Omegapsycho / The Impaler / Cipher44 / Electro(Edit) / Aperson98(SF Style)


Sub-Zero: Omegapsycho / Pneophen / Scratcher / Moriya(MKP) / Jermaine Kidd(MKP) - Jrockslim1's Update(MKP S2.5)


Sonya: Omegapsycho / Scratcher / Rugal2(MKP) / Mugenload(MKP) / Tomaz Schaukan(MKP)


Raiden: Omegapsycho / Scratcher || Liu Kang: Omegapsycho / Mike Obrecht / Unknown author(SNES) / Lows 9.0(MKP) / Reign


Scorpion: Omegapsycho - Xandegraf's Edit(w/ X-ray) / Lord Sinistro / Reptile(MKP) / Jermaine Kidd(MKP) - Jrockslim1's Update(MKP S2.5)


MK1 NES Bootleg Chars by Sheriff Woody || MK1 Chars by Sub Zera || MK1 Chars by Jermaine Kidd(New MKP/Beta) || MK1 Chars by Mental_of_Death


MK1 Chars for the MKP S2.5



NrIhVlX.gif CHOOSE YOUR FIGHTER - Bosses NrIhVlX.gif


qrJb8dj.jpg     BQ7IjX8.jpg     uug8iSp.jpg


Goro: Omegapsycho: Old - New / Gorjeador


Reptile: Omegapsycho / Scratcher / Bigjohn72076 & Sookie / Interloko(MKP) / Rugal2(MKP) / Jrockslim1(MKP S2.5) - Mr Esturk's Edit(Original  Moveset)


Shang Tsung: Omegapsycho: Old - New / Gorjeador / MelvanaInChains & The_None(Edit) / Gus G(MKP S2.5)



NrIhVlX.gif CHOOSE YOUR FIGHTER - Special Guests NrIhVlX.gif


K8z6PmR.jpg     JsZukoe.jpg


Ermac: Omegapsycho / Maximilian Arturo(MKP) / Barook(MKP S2.5) - IceCold Assassin's Edit


Rain: Omegapsycho / Reptile(MKP) / Barook(MKP S2.5) - Leocobainjr's Fix - IceCold Assassin's Edit





Noob Saibot: Ermaccer & Barook(MKP S2.5) - IceCold Assassin's Edit


Smoke: Barook(MKP S2.5) - IceCold Assassin's Edit


Noob-Smoke: Omegapsycho - Dchan250's Edit(Smoke) / Reptile(MKP): Noob - Smoke


Chameleon: Jermaine Kidd(MKP) - MKP S2.5 Version / Lapos(MKP) / ShaoKahn500(MKP)


Note: Reptile's Noob and Smoke is a spriteswap of the Scorpion by the same author.





Stage Pack || Another Stage Pack || Stages by Taybear || Stages by Nori-ban || NES Pirate Stages by Cenobite 53 || Stages by Scratcher || Stages by Kazmer13


HD Remakes by Sannamy || The Courtyard by Dchan250 || The Courtyard HR by Interloko - 640x480 Patch by MaxBeta || Enter The Courtyard by Mortalist


Warrior Shrine by RatonMalo || SNES The Pit & Pit Bottom by mh777 || Throne Room by Bull Demon - Daniel's 1.1 Edit || The Rain Pit by RatonMalo & Ermac-210


The Pit HD by Dizzy - 1.1 Ver. by NoZ || Palace Gates: by SpyFighter5000 / by Shadow Globe / by Japa & Felix || Pit Gates (P. Gates & The Pit fusiion) by Edys


Goro's Lair: by Doorhenge / by RAM / by Squirtle (SNES Ver.) / by DarthPhoenix99 (SNES Ver.) / by Sub Zera (Edit) / by MugenJF (Edit) / by Osiris859 (Edit) / by Felix (Edit)


Pit Bottom by SpyFighter5000 / by Sub Zera & Markos || Broken Terror (Palace Gates Edit) by Xclusive || Shadow Temple (The Courtyard Edit) by Teros


Goro's Lair HD by mk || Graveyard (Warrior Shrine Edit) by Xclusive || After Pit (The Pit Edit) by Unknown || Forest Passage (Palace Gates Edit) by Mortalist


Throne Room Remake by DarkEvilous || The Ancient Pit (The Pit Edit) by M.Belmonth || Island Night (Palace Gates Edit) by AdrianoGT


The New Pit & The New Pit Bottom by Guile N' Roll || The Pit Remake by Reptile || Dragon's Bridge by Juano16 & Videoz || Goro's Lair Redone by Unknown


Ode of Kruelty Stages by Sub Zera || The Ancient Ruins (Warrior Shrine Edit) by Dark Evilous || The Pit Day by RatonMalo || Edited Stages Packs


Blood Lair (Goro's Lair Edit) by Ermacking101 || Goro's Dungeon (Goro's Lair Edit) by Mortalist: Old - New || Warrior Shrine at Rain by WolfPaul928


Warrior Shrine HD by God-Aztec





Screenpack: by Lord Sinistro(1.0/320x240) - Updated/Edited by gui0007(1.0 & 1.1/320x240)


Full Games: by Le@n: First Ver. - Edys Update - gui0007's Update & Conversion || by Halil Scorpion || by Sub Zera(Ode for Kruelty)


Sprites Rips: by Le@n || from MK Warehouse || from Spriters Resource: Arcade Ver. / NES Pirate Ver. / SNES Ver. / Genesis/Sega CD Ver.


Sounds Rips/SFX: by gui0007 (SNES & Genesis Ver.) || from MK Warehouse || by Ebiltun (SNES Ver.)


Fonts: by tabmok99 / by tabmok99(Title font)










Liu Kang: Omegapsycho / ChonWang(SNES+Edit) / Kazmer13 - TWK's Edit - Sookie's Edit / Theizen Darkboy & I.Cold(MKP) / J.Kidd(MKP) - Hanzo & Commodore's Edit


Kung Lao: Omegapsycho / Cipher44


Johnny Cage: Omegapsycho / J.Kidd(MKP) - Hanzo & Commodore's Update / HasoMK(MKP) / Mental_of_Death / Cipher44 / BlackAcid10(MKP)


Reptile: Kazmer13 - Cipher44's Edit - TWK's Edit / Reptile & Simpliband(MKP) / Jermaine Kidd(MKP)


Sub-Zero: Kazmer13 - TWK's Edit / Jermaine Kidd(MKP) / Nitro(MKP) / Cliff-A: Old - New / Shotgun160(MvC) / Leandro(MKP S2.5)


Shang Tsung: Juano16 / J. Kidd(MKP) - Hanzo & Commodore's Edit(New MKP) - New Version / Fireboy(MKP) / Cipher44 / Gabe


Kitana: Omegapsycho / Jermaine Kidd(MKP) / Kazmer13, The Impaler & Cipher44 / Nyo(SNES) / Mugenload(MKP) || Jax: Omegapsycho / Cipher44 / Nyo(SNES)


Mileena: Omegapsycho / Jermaine Kidd(MKP) / Kazmer13, The Impaler & Cipher44 - Sookie's Edit / Mugenload & Fly(MKP) || Baraka: Omegapsycho / Nyo(SNES) / Kazmer13


Scorpion: Kazmer13 - TWK's Edit - SecondDeath777's Edit / Cliff-A: Old - New / Jermaine Kidd(MKP) / Opticelite78(Joke) / Wiloughby Jackson(SNES)


Raiden: Kazmer13 - Comorep677 & Sookie's Edit / W. Jackson & ChairmanKaga(SNES) / ESFAndy011(MKvSF)


MK2 Chars for the MKP S2.5 by Jermaine Kidd / MK2 Male Ninjas by IceCold Assassin(MKP S2.5)



NrIhVlX.gif CHOOSE YOUR FIGHTER - Secret Chars NrIhVlX.gif


iYK7QsO.jpg     VabjFh3.jpg     gvnx9JM.jpg


Smoke: Kazmer13 - TWK's Edit / Jermaine Kidd(MKP) / Mugenload(MKP) / Simpliband & Indrid Cold(MKP)


Jade: Omegapsycho / Cipher44 / Jermaine Kidd(MKP) / Mugenload(MKP) || Noob Saibot: Jermaine Kidd(MKP) / Cipher44 / YochiThMaster333



NrIhVlX.gif CHOOSE YOUR FIGHTER - Bosses NrIhVlX.gif


y6krjTh.jpg          92rSbeF.jpg


Kintaro: Omegapsycho: Old - New - Sookie's Edit / Mike Obrecht


Shao Kahn: Omegapsycho - Sookie's Edit / Mike Obrecht - MK-Model's Edit(MKP) - Theizen Darkboy's Edit(MKP) / Kazmer13



NrIhVlX.gif CHOOSE YOUR FIGHTER - Special Guests NrIhVlX.gif




Chameleon: ChonWang / Armand(MKP) || Khameleon: Omegapsycho / RatonMalo, Indrid Cold & Rugal2(MKP)


Rain: Lapos, Mod & Aice Man(MKP) / IceCold Assassin(MKP S2.5)


Ermac: Reptile & HasoMK(MKP) / BlackCyraxCO & J.Kidd(MKP) - Sookie's Fix / Cipher44 / IceCold Assassin(MKP S2.5)


Hornbuckle: Liquid Jake(MKP) / DEMON225, Ernesto & Barook(MKP S2.5) || Blaze: Fireboy, Indrid Cold & HasoMK(MKP)










Stage Pack || Stages by Taybear || Stages by Juano16 || Stages by Kazmer13 || Stages by Nori-ban || Stages by Mature4evr || HD Remakes by Sannamy


Edited Stages Packs || Edited Stages by ExShadow || Armory at Night by Mortalist || Armory Ruins by RatonMalo || Dead Pool Remake: by Mortalist / by ShadowGlobe


Dead Pool HD: by Parse - 640x480 Patch by MaxBeta / by O Ilusionista || Dead Pool New Ver. by Black Shadow || Re-Enter The Living Forest by Mortalist: Old - New


Armory HD by mk || The Pit II: by Mortalist / by Xclusive || The Portal: by Lord of the Flies(SNES Ver.) / by Le@n / by Fireboy / by Shad (Edit) / by O Ilusionista (Edit)


The Portal HD by Kaandorpius: Red - Blue - 640x480 Patch by MaxBeta || The Pit II Chaos by DarkEvilous || Another Wasteland by Mortalist || Stages Edits by Gmasta


Mezameta Realm (The Pit II Edit) by Gmasta - 1.1 ver. by VidGmr1996 || Mountain Path and Forgotten Path (The Pit II Edits) by Osiris859 || Tower Rooftop by RatonMalo


Kombat Tomb HD: by O Ilusionista / by Kaandorpius - 640x480 Patch by MaxBeta / by Black Shadow || Kombat Tomb: by Borg117 / by Dabadking & Zitama / by FiR3-L0rD


The Tower New Ver. by Felix || Wasteland: by Mortalist (Night) / by Black Shadow / by Resurrecta || Kahn's Arena by Doorhenge - ShadowGlobe's Edit


The Pit II Day by Sub-Zero Th7 || NES The Pit II by Hikaryo || Sea of Divinity (The Pit II Edit) by Beterhans || Inferno's Portal by Unknown


Pit Sight (Kombat Tomb Edit) by Sub Zera || Kingdom Valley (The Pit II Edit) by Darkness || The Bog by Unknown || Enter The Tomb by Mortalist


Inferno's Portal 2 by Sub-Zero & Sumac || Sunset Mountain (The Pit II Edit) by TheXD3ath || The New Portal by Ermacking101 || Mist Path (The Pit II Edit) by Gary Wachter


The Ice Pit (The Pit II Edit) by Sub-Zero Th7 || Netherrealm's Pit (The Pit II Edit) by Ermac-210 || The Hightop (Kombat Tomb Edit) by Maximillian Arturo


Kombat Tomb (MKvSF Style) by FiR3-L0rD || Ice Tomb (Kombat Tomb Edit) by Osiris859 || Warrior Tomb (Kombat Tomb Edit) by Bigoldblue


Shadow Tower (The Portal Edit) by Unknown || Kombat Tomb Night by Unknown || Dead Lands (Wasteland Edit) by Jermaine Kidd


Dead Forest (Living Forest and MK3 Graveyard Fusion) by Unknown || Blood Bath and Lava Pool (Dead Pool Edits) by Osiris859


Kombat Tomb Variant by Unknown || Dead Pool 2T by Unknown || Living Forest II by Kazmer13 || Wasteland Cemetery by Simpli || Dead Pool by SamusAran78


Wasteland II by Resurrecta || The Portal Remake by Fireboy || The Portal Entrance by Unknown || Dead Lands by Osiris859 || Kahn's Tomb by Reptile


Kombat Tomb Portal by Black Shadow || The Portal by DarkEvilous || Pit Sight (The Pit II Edit) by Unknown || Dead Pool Evil by HasoMK || Moonlight Battleground by Atice


Wasteland by Unknown || Dead Pool by Le@n || The Pit II by Lows 9.0 || Blood Wasteland (Wasteland Edit) by Ermacking101 || The Tower Edit by Jason & DarkHorse


Wasteland Remake by Unknown || Inside Hell (Kahn's Arena Edit) and Dark Hadou Forest (Living Forest Edit) by Mortalist || Dead Pool II by Kazmer13





Screenpack: by Doorhenge(Winmugen/320x240) - Converted/Edited to 1.0 & 1.1 by gui0007 - Re-edit by GameMirage


Full Games: Juano16 (1.0/320x240): Old - New - Boris Suwarov's Edit(MK2 Unlimited /1.1/850x480) - gui0007's Edit(MKP S2.5 Stuff)

Szemi: Old (Winmugen/320x240) - New (Win & 1.0/320x240) || by Indrid Cold(Winmugen/320x240) - Converted to 1.0 & 1.1 by gui0007


Sprites Rips: by Fly & Le@n || SNES Ver. Rips from Spriters Resource || from MK Warehouse || Character Bios by CrashAlex


Sounds Rips/SFX: by gui0007 (SNES & Genesis Ver.) || by Ebiltun (SNES Ver.) || by Rapidkirby3k (Arcade Ver.)


Fonts: by tabmok99



SptM2jR.png          FY8gm0G.png          9tG7phQ.png











Johnny Cage: Mauteck - HasoMK, Kay 2nd & Phoboss Edit(MKP) - I.Cold & Reptile's Update(MKP) / Borg117 & Leandro(New MKP): Old - New


Noob Saibot: Fly(MK3 Ver./MKP) / Mike Obrecht(UMK3 Ver.) / The Impaler(UMK3 Ver.) / Chatman(UMK3 Ver./MKvSF Style)


Baraka: Bleed / Bigjohn72076 || Cyrax: RatonMalo(MKP) / Tokinokuni-kei(SNES) / Black Shadow(MKP)


Sonya: The Impaler / Mugenload(MKP) - Phoboss Edit(MKP) / BlackAcid10(MKP/Contain NSFW Stuff) - Sookie's Fix: Normal - NSFW

Borg117 & Interpeter(MKP S2.5/MK4 Moveset)


Raiden: Tylor the Hedgehog / Bleed || Rain: Mike Obrecht / The Impaler / Unknown(MKP) / Phoboss(MKP) - Black Shadow's Edit(MKP) / Scorpion Assassin(MKP)


Shang Tsung: Indrid Cold(MKP) / Liquid Jake(MKP) / Mod & Aice Man(MKP) / Brow_777


Kitana: Mugenload & Liquid Jake(MKP) / Lows 9.0(Unmasked/MKP) / tem(A)(New MKP/NSFW) / Biel MK(New MKP) || Kano: RatonMalo & Phoboss(MKP)


Scorpion: M.Obrecht / Gabe / The Impaler / Bleed(MKP) - Leandro's Edit(New MKP): Old - Old2 - New - Barook & DEMON225's Edit(MKP S2.5)

Jake(MKP) / Phoboss: Old - Old2 - New - J.Kidd's Edit - Barook's Edit(MKP S2.5) / BlackCyraxCO - J.Kidd's Edit - Sookie's Fix - F.Mix's Edit

SUB & J.Kidd(New MKP) / Fireboy(MKP)


Sub-Zero: Phoboss: Old - New - Borg117 & Jermaine Kidd's Edit(MKP) - Sookie's Fix

BlackCyraxCO & Jermaine Kidd(MKP) - Sookie's Fix / Jehovanss / Gabe


Smoke (Human Form): Mike Obrecht / Kobra Logan / The Impaler / Liquid Jake(MKP) / Phoboss(MKP)

BlackCyraxCO & Jermaine Kidd(MKP) - Sookie's Fix / Nero(MKP) / Borg117 & SUB(MKP) - J.Kidd's Edit(New MKP)


Reptile: Mike Obrecht / Phoboss(MKP) / Liquid Jake(MKP) / Unknown(MKP) / EddieBlackRose(MKP) - Commodore & Hanzo's Edit - Sookie's Fix / ESFAndy011(MKvSF)


Jax: Phoboss(MKP) / Nyo / Mental_of_Death || Mileena: Mugenload & L.Jake(MKP) / Biel MK(New MKP) / BA10(MKP): Old - New - Sookie's Fix / tem(A)(New MKP/NSFW)


Sektor: RatonMalo & Interloko(MKP) / Alihassan / Scorpion Assassin(MKP) / Borg117 & Barook(MKP S2.5)


Liu Kang: Chuchoryu / BlackAcid10(MKP) / Le@n(MKP) / mkfreak89(New MKP)


Jade: Mugenload(MKP) / Fight(MKP) / Biel MK(New MKP) / tem(A)(New MKP/NSFW)


Sheeva: Nyo(SNES) / J.Kidd(MKP) - Sookie's Fix / Mugenload(MKP) / BlackCyraxCO & J.Kidd(MKP) - Sookie's Fix


Kung Lao: Phoboss(MKP) / Bleed(MKP) / Aperson98(SF Style) || Smoke (Cyborg Form): RatonMalo & Interloko(MKP) / Mugenload(MKP)


Nightwolf: Equinócio(SNES) / Borg117(MKP): Old - Old2 - New / Dorgol(Bootleg/NES MK4) || Sindel: RatonMalo(MKP)


Ermac: Mike Obrecht / Pneophen / RatonMalo & Ermac-210(MKP): Old - New - Aice Man's Edit(MKP) - Wa's Edit(MKP)


Classic Sub-Zero: Mike Obrecht / The Impaler / Leandro(New MKP)

Phoboss(MKP): Old - New - SUB's Edit(MKP) - Liquid Jake's Edit(MKP) - Wa's Edit(MKP)


Stryker: Mugenload(MKP) - Phoboss Edit(MKP) - Maxi619's Edit / BlackAcid10(MKP) || Kabal: Cipher44 / Mugenload(MKP)


Goro: RatonMalo(MKP): Old - New / Fly & Borg117(MKP S2.5)


Shao Kahn: RatonMalo(MKP) - SUB's Edit(MKP) / Etalking(Edit) - Sookie's Edit

Aperson98(SF Style) / Fly & Borg117(MKP S2.5) - Leandro's Edit - Barook's Edit


Motaro: Omegapsycho: Old - New / RatonMalo(MKP) / Jehovanss: Normal - Bloody(Edit) || Kintaro: RatonMalo(MKP) / Fly & Borg117(MKP S2.5)


All Chars for the MKP S2.5 by MKP Team & Borg117



NrIhVlX.gif SELECT YOUR FIGHTER - Classic Chars NrIhVlX.gif




Raiden (MK1)PneophenMoriya & Indrid Cold(MKP) / Borg117 & J.Kidd(MKP S2.5) - Barook's Edit


Kano (MK1): Rugal2(MKP) / Indrid Cold & HasoMK(MKP) / GamerEditor(MKP S2.5)


Jax (MK2)Jermaine Kidd(MKP S2.5) / Resurrecta & Indrid Cold(MKP)


Kung Lao (MK2): Theizen Darkboy, Indrid Cold, Mod & Simpliband(MKP) / Jermaine Kidd(MKP S2.5)



NrIhVlX.gif SELECT YOUR FIGHTER - Secret Chars & Special Guests NrIhVlX.gif




Chameleon: Mike Obrecht / ESFAndy011(MKvSF) / Atice(MKvSF) - I.Cold & HasoMK's Edit(MKP)

Borg117(MKP S2.5)   - Leocobainjr's Edit / Rent(Edit) / Norf(MKP) / Great Warrior(MKP) / Phoboss(MKP)


Khameleon: Rugal2(MKP) / Borg117(MKP S2.5) - Leocobainjr's Edits (1st - 2nd)


Hydro: RAM(MKP) / Lows 9.0(MKP) - DEMON225's Update(MKP S2.5) - Barook's Edit


Hornbuckle: DarkEvilous(MKP) - Sookie's Fix / Fireboy(MKP) / DEMON225(MKP S2.5) - Barook's Update || Blaze: Fireboy(MKP)







gwPA2zf.png     zu93Ep9.png






MK3/UMK3 Stage Pack || MKT Stage Pack || Stages by Juano16 || Stages by Mature4evr || Stages by Nori-ban || Stages by Fir3-L0rD || Stages by Taybear || Stages by Kazmer13


HD Remakes by Sannamy || Edited Stages Pack || The Street and The Subway by TokDiscos || Soul Chamber: by Ermaccer / by LyNCh || Scorpion's Lair by Scratcher


The Balcony by Hanzo Hasashi: Old - New || Kahn's Kave, Star Bridge and The Rooftop by Hanzo Hasashi || The Rooftop by Reiko26 || Noob's Dorfen by Ermacking101


The Pit III by Doorhenge / by ESFAndy011 || Soul Chamber HD by Kaandorpius || Nowhere City (The Street Edit) and Lost Graveyard (The Graveyard Edit)


Graveyard Forest (The Graveyard Edit) and Hellish Valley (Scorpion's Lair Edit) by DarkEvilous - 1.1 Ver || Jade's Desert by Lord Sinistro - DarkEvilous Edit


The Graveyard Remake and Outworld's Desert Pit (The Pit III Edit) by RatonMalo || Goro's Lair Ruins by Osiris859 || Ghost Town by Black Shadow & Ermacking101


The Railway (The Subway Edit), Blood Night (The Graveyard and The Pit II + III Fusion) and Re-enter The Bell Tower by Mortalist || The Ascent (The Pit III Edit) by Unknown


Iperion Castle by Unknown: Old - New || Soul Chamber Red by Dewi || The Orange Portal by RatonMalo || Scislac Busorez by Le@n & Spor - Faust's Edit


Outworld Vortex and Merge of the Worlds by Kurai Naito || Hell Road by Taybear || Mystic Portal (The Pit III and Smoke's Portal Fusion) by Lapos || Soul Chamber II by Bathory


Desert Portal (Jade's Desert Edit) by Unknown || Realm of the Soul (Soul Chamber Edit) by Atheis || Infierno (Soul Chamber and Scorpion's Lair Edit) by Checho


Bell Tower HR by Crazy Logic || The Graveyard Remake 2 by BlackCyraxCO & Jermaine Kidd || Water Front Remix by Eternal || The Pit III Remix by Master Gouken


The Pit III Ruins by Osiris859 || River of the Danmed by ReptileSmile || The Temple by Japa || Zenith's Temple (The Temple Edit) by Ermacking101 & Le@n


Temple of Chaos (The Pit III & The Balcony Fusion) and Underground Hell (Scorpion's Lair Edit) by Dresmasher || Edited Stages by ExShadow


Desert Hell (Jade's Desert Edit) by Juano16 & Aniello || The Green Portal (Scislac Busorez Edit) and Blood Tower (The Bell Tower Edit) by Ermacking101


Green Portal V2 by Black Shadow: Old - New (with elements of The Rooftop stage) || The Pit Portal (Scislac Busorez Edit) by T.F || Eclipse Cannon by Teros


The End Bridge (The Bridge Edit) by RatonMalo, BJ & Mortalist || The Pit Desert (The Pit III Edit) by Black Shadow || Subway Station (The Subway Edit) by AdrianoGT


Corridor of Death and Desert Night by Dresmasher || Temple of Doom by Unknown || Cosmos Pit (The Pit III Edit) by Sannamy || The Cave Bridge by TechNoir & DarkEvilous


Shadow Priest's Temple (The Temple Edit) by Bathory || Speed Dead (The Subway Edit) by tomaz || NightSouls Lair (Soul Chamber Edit) by Ermacking101


Realm of Fire (Scorpion's Lair Edit) by Atheis || Gothica Temple by Unknown || Kintaro's Lair (The Balcony Edit) by VJ.kenobi





Screenpacks: Mortal Kombat 3 by mkp (1.0/320x240) || Mortal Kombat 3 SNES Ver. by Nask (1.0/640x480) || Mortal Kombat Trilogy by mkp (1.0/320x240)


Full Games: MK3 by Szemi: Edited by gui0007 (1.1/320x240) / Edited by MUGEN PLAYER (1.0/320x240)

UMK3 by Szemi: Edited by gui0007 (1.0 & 1.1/320x240) / Edited by MUGEN PLAYER (1.0/320x240)

UMK3 by Kaze No Ken (1.0/640x480)

MK Trilogy by Indrid Cold: Edited by gui0007 (1.0 & 1.1/320x240) / Edited by MUGEN PLAYER (1.0/320x240)


Lifebars: by Szemi, edited by gui0007 (1.0 & 1.1/320x240 & 640x480)


Sprites Rips: by Fly & tem(A) || from MK Warehouse || from Spriters Resource || from Sprite Database


Sounds Rips/SFX: by gui0007 (MK3 SNES & Genesis Ver.) || from MK Warehouse || by Ebiltun (SNES Ver.) || by Rapidkirby3k (Arcade Ver.)


Intros & Endings: Custom Intro (MK1,MK2 & MK3 Mix), Chars Intros & UMK3 Ending by Rugal2 || MKT Intro by Doorhenge


Fonts: by tabmok99



zuejNZn.png          SmjYB4t.png










Cyrax: Bumble_vin(3D) / Black Shadow(2D/MKP) || Mileena: Bumble_vin(3D)


Kitana: Bumble_vin(3D) / Lows 9.0(2D/MKP) - Sookie's Fix - MKP S2.5 Version


Kung Lao: Halil Scorpion(3D) || Baraka: Halil Scorpion(3D) || Sonya: Halil Scorpion(3D) || Jax: Bumble_vin(3D)


Liu Kang: Bumble_vin(3D) || Johnny Cage: Bumble_vin(3D) / mkfreak89, Behzad & Carz(2D/New MKP) - metalsonic2's Edit


Sub-Zero: Halil Scorpion(3D) / Phoboss(2D/MKP)


Reiko: STM(3D) / Halil Scorpion(3D) / Borg117 & Sannamy(2D/MKP S2.5) / RatonMalo(2D/MKP)

Cipher44(2D/MKP) - Indrid Cold's Edit / Indrid Cold(2D/MKP) - Wa's Edit


JarekBumble_vin(3D) / Halil(3D) / Behzad(2D/MKP): Simpli's Edit - Roney's Edit - Nununa's Edit

Nero(2D/MKP): Old - New / Borg117 & Commodore(2D/MKP): Old - New - Hanzo's Update - MKP S2.5 Version


Raiden: Halil Scorpion(3D) / Bumble_vin(3D)


Tanya: Bumble_vin(3D) / Sannamy & HasoMK(2D/MKP) - I.Cold's Edit(3D) / Fly & Simpli(2D/MKP) / Aice Man(2D/MKP)

Borg117 & Fallingstars(2D/MKP S2.5) - Biel MK's Edit(MKP S2) - Gus G's Update(MKP S2) / tem(A)(New MKP/NSFW)


Scorpion: Bumble_vin(3D) / Halil Scorpion(3D) / Phoboss(2D/MKP)


Kai: Bumble_vin(3D) / Nero(2D/MKP) / Behzad(2D/MKP) - Fantasmix's Edit / CoopNPB(2D/New MKP) - w/ J.Kidd(New MKP) - MKP S2.5 Version


Reptile: Bumble_vin(3D) / Halil Scorpion(3D) / Lows 9.0(2D) / Ax(2D) / Alien Sorrow(2D/MKP) / Mkfreak89(2D/MKP) / BlackCyraxCO & J.Kidd(2D/MKP) - Sookie's Fix


Shinnok: Borg117 & Simpli(2D/MKP) - Sookie's Fix / CoopNPB(2D/New MKP) - w/ Interloko - w/ J.Kidd(New MKP) - MKP S2.5 Version

Lows 9.0(2D/MKP) / Halil Scorpion(3D) / I.Cold(2D/MKP)


Fujin: Simpliband(2D/MKP) / Lows 9.0(2D/MKP) / BlackCyraxCO & The Undertaker(2D/MKP)

Indrid Cold & Theizen Darkboy(2D/MKP) - Fantasmix's Edit / Behzad & Borg117(MKP S2.5)


Quan Chi: Halil Scorpion(New MKP) : 2D - Borg117's Edit - Commodore & Hanzo's Edit (Old - New) - Barook's Update(MKP S2.5) - 3D

CoopNPB & Max Arturo(New MKP) / Indrid Cold(2D/MKP) / Dantos(2D/MKP) - Cyborg's Edit / Ax(2D)

Dark Evilous(2D/MKP): Old - New(New MKP) - MKP S2.5 Version / Simpli(2D/MKP) - J.Kidd's Edit


Note: Shinnok, Fujin and Quan Chi versions (some of them) using sprites from MK Mythologies Sub-Zero.



NrIhVlX.gif SELECT YOUR FIGHTER - Secret Chars NrIhVlX.gif




Sektor: Borg117(2D/MKP): Old - Phoboss Update(MKP) - Jermaine Kidd's Update(MKP) - MKP S2.5 Ver. - Interpeter's Edit(MKP S2.5) || Goro: Bumble_vin(3D)


Noob Saibot: Ermaccer(2D/MKP S2.5) / Bumble_vin(3D) / Reptile(2D/MKP) || Meat: Lows 9.0(2D) / Sannamy(3D) - Indrid Cold's Edit(2D/MKP)





Stage Pack || Another Stage Pack || Stages by Shammahalfa1 || Reptile's Lair HD and Goro's Lair HD by Kaandorpius - 640x480 Patch by MaxBeta


GB Color Stages by Cenobite 53 || Netherrealm's Throne by Mauteck - Nero & CoopNPB's Edit || The Living Forest by NemesisMr25


MKG Church by mkfreak89 || Reiko's Fortress (The Tomb Edit) by Unknown || The Prison by Nero || Ice Pit by Unknown


Shaolin Temple by Betochac || Wind World: by Wolf Stak / by Mental_of_Death / by Nero / by Flamekyo


Blood Temple (Shaolin Temple Edit) by Ermacking101





Full Games WIP: Mortal Kombat 4 2D by ThaRealest || Mortal Kombat Gold by Halil Scorpion


Sprites Rips: from Spriters Resource || from MK Warehouse || Shinnok 2D Sprites works by CoopNPB


Sounds Rips/SFX: by Lordraptor


Fonts: by tabmok99 (Incomplete - Complete)






NrIhVlX.gif SELECT YOUR FIGHTER - Normal Chars & Special Guests NrIhVlX.gif


iNbeKtR.gif          Qw8BoMA.gif          8FKYYpR.gif          64tsjoc.gif


Sub-Zero: Simpliband(MKP): Old - New - YochiThMaster333's Edit / Mental_of_Death || Scorpion: Dike & Hanzo Hasashi(MKP) / Mental_of_Death / Simpliband(MKP)


Water God / Niam Tzu / Suijin: Fireboy(Male/MKP) / Borg117(Female/MKP) - MKP S2.5 Version(Beta) || Fire God / Kōjin: Simpliband(MKP) / Fireboy(MKP)



UhaJU06.gif          IXFSYug.gif          LPmI2M7.gif          C4zMZOo.gif


Noob Saibot: Noob-Emperor & C.Cyborg(MKP) || Kia: Simpliband(MKP) || Jataaka: Simpliband(MKP) || Smoke: Voodoo(MKP)



23XqefO.png          VX6SCno.png


Earth God / Enjin: Katkuei(MKP): Old - New


Grandmaster: Tetravega & Kay Second(MKP): EliotT & HasoMK's Edit - Sookie's Edit - DarkEvilous Edit

Borg117 & Commodore's Edit: Old - New - Hanzo's Update - MKP S2.5 Version



j41m1Yo.gif          W0z8C9O.gif


Monks: 666(MKP) / Indrid Cold(MKP) / Lows 9.0(MKP)

Guards: Indrid Cold(MKP) / The Magic Toaster(Edit) / Halil Scorpion(MKP) - Sookie's Fix / Simpliband(MKP)


Missing / Offline: Reptile by NemesisMr25





Stage Pack || Water Pit, Quan Chi's Throne and Shaolin Temple by Shammahalfa1 || Quan Chi's Pit by RatonMalo


Fire Prison by Reptile & Tetravega || Lin Kuei Temple by Faust || Earth Boss Room by Reptile || Earth Prison by Halil Scorpion


Note: The stage pack contains all Shammahalfa1's MKM stages.





Full Game/WIP: `MK Mythologies by Fireboy (1.0) || MK Mythologies by Halil Scorpion & Mortal Levant


Sprites Rips: by iMansooferoz (Quan Chi & Sub-Zero)


Fonts: by tabmok99



plkZswP.png          aKvHoKL.png







Tremor: Behzad(MKP) - DarkEvilous Edit - Sookie's Fix / M.Obrecht / B.Shadow(MKP) / Gary Fisher / Bman & Interloko(MKP): Original - MK1 - MK2- Borg117's Edit(MKP S2.5)


Ruby: Lows 9.0 & Jermaine Kidd(MKP) - Hanzo & Commodore's Edit - Leocobainjr's Edit(MKP S2.5/Beta) / Fireboy(MKP)

Fly(MK2 Style/MKP) - Aice Man's Edit / Behzad(MKP)








Pack with A LOT of themed stages from MK Chaotic || Another Stage Pack || Wu Shi Woods by SpyFighter5000 || Stages by DarkEvilous + More edited stages


The Portal (SM Ver.) by Fireboy || Dragon's Fortress by RatonMalo, Mortalist & NemesisMr25


The Pit II (SM Ver.) by RatonMalo & NemesisMr25 || Kombat Tomb (SM Ver.) by Adriano GT & Halil Scorpion





Screenpack: Edit of Doorhenge's MK2 Screenpack, by Mental_of_Death & gui0007 (1.0/320x240)


Fonts: by tabmok99



0oazweV.png          FBfp4Uc.png          Nt0azED.png











Kenshi: Commodore & mkfreak89(2D/MKP) / Nero(2D/MKP) / BlackCyraxCO & Jermaine Kidd(2D/MKP) - Sookie's Fix - MKP S2.5 Version

Lows 9.0(2D/MKP)  / Unknown(2D/MKP) / Bman(2D/MKP) / Borg117 & tem(A)(New MKP) - MKP S2.5 Version


Frost: Nelson(2D/MKP) - YochiThMaster333's Edit / mkfreak89 & Reptile(2D/MKP) / Lows 9.0(2D)

BlackCyraxCO & Biel MK(2D/MKP) - Commodore's Edit: Old - NewGus G's Update(MKP S2.5)


Darrius: Bman & Indrid Cold(2D/MKP) - Fantasmix's Edit


Mavado: Fantasmix, HasoMK, I.Cold & T.Darkboy(2D/MKP) || Li Mei: J.Kidd(New MKP) - MKP S2.5 Version / Fantasmix & Liquid Jake(2D/MKP)


Kobra: Fantasmix & Simpliband(2D/MKP): Old - New - Luis Ramirez's Edit(MKP S2.5)


Kira: Aice Man(2D/MKP) - Bman & Indrid Cold's Edit - Fantasmix's Edit


Hsu Hao: Indrid Cold(2D/MKP) - Liquid Jake, HasoMK & EliotT's Edit - Fantasmix's Edit || Hotaru: Fantasmix & Phoboss(2D/MKP) / Vadim & Borg117


Havik: L.Jake, & Bman(2D/MKP) - Sookie's Fix || Drahmin: Lows 9.0(2D) - Borg117's Update(MKP S2.5) / Bman & Indrid Cold(2D/MKP) || Tanya: Biel MK(2D/MKP)


Noob Saibot: SUB(2D/MKP)Gary Fisher(2D) || Jade: Nununa(2D/MKP) / Biel_mk(New MKP) - MKP S2.5 Version


Raiden: Nitro(2D/MKP) / Mod & Aice Man(2D/MKP)


Quan Chi: Sannamy(2D/MKP) / Le@n & Ade2004(3D) || Scorpion: Bumble_vin(MKA/3D) / Mental_of_Death(2D) / Gary Fisher(2D)


Sareena: Behzad(2D/MKP) - J.Kidd's Edit - Fantasmix's Edit - Borg117's Update(MKP S2.5) - Leocobainjr's Edit

Simpliband(2D/MKP) / Unknown(2D/MKP) / Maxi(2D/New MKP)


Sub-Zero: Gary Fisher(2D) / Mental_of_Death(MKDA/2D) / Ahmedov(MKDA/2D/MKP) - Fantasmix's Edit - mkfreak89's Edit / Angelus(MKA/2D/MKP) / Aice Man(MKDA/2D/MKP)


Smoke: Ahmedov(2D/MKP) - Leocobainjr's Update(MKP S2.5) / Gary Fisher(2D) / Mental_of_Death(2D) || Reptile: Gary Fisher(2D) / Mental_of_Death(2D)


Cyrax: Sannamy & J.Kidd(2D/MKP) / Black Shadow(2D/MKP) / Nununa(2D/MKP) - J.Kidd's Edit / Jermaine Kidd & MKA(MKP S2.5)


Sektor: Sannamy & J.Kidd(2D/MKP) / Nununa(2D/MKP) - J.Kidd's Edit || Mileena: Biel_mk(New MKP) - MKP S2.5 Version


Ermac: Sannamy(2D/MKP): Old - New - J.Kidd's Edit - Nununa's Edit - Leandro, Commodore & Hanzo's Edit - Gus G's Update(MKP S2.5)

Ahmedov(2D/MKP) / Le@n & Ade2004(3D)


Jax: Fireboy(2D Edit/MKP) || Meat: Le@n & Ade2004(3D) || Johnny Cage: Behzad, BlackCyraxCO & Carz(2D/MKP) || Liu Kang: Chuchoryu(2D) / Bman(2D/MKP)


Chameleon: Gary Fisher(2D) / Indrid Cold & Antuan(2D/MKP) || Khameleon: Fantasmix(2D/MKP) || Shao Kahn: Theizen Darkboy(2D/MKP)


Onaga: Wa & HasoMK(2D/MKP) || Blaze (Normal Form): XcLuSiVe(Very Beta/3D/MKP) / Wa(2D/MKP) || Blaze (Final Form): Lows 9.0(2D) / Mod & Aice Man(2D/MKP)





Stage Packs: MKDA / MKD / MKA


MKA Stages by Richie Makyura: Arctika / Tekunin Prison / Kahn's Battle Arena / Botan Jungle / Shinnok's Throne Room / Reiko's War Room / Edenia Ruins / Reptile's Lair

Firewell / Hell's Foundry / Goro's Lair / Bell Tower / Lumber Mill / Kahn's Balcony / Meteor Storm / Kahn's Throne Room


Stages by Rugal2 || Stages by SMT || Kuatan Temple and Kahn's Throne Room by Kaandorpius || Acid Bath and Nethership by Spor || Wu Shi Academy by DarkEvilous


Slaughterhouse by Fr33dom87 || Acid Bath 1.1 by Spor & J.Kidd || MKA Subway by XTRM || Drum Arena: by SpyFighter5000 / by Bathory || Meteor Storm by Flamekyo


Valley of Death by Mortalist || Shang's Palace Grounds by Japa: Normal - 1.1 || Sky Temple by Felix & Japa: Normal - 1.1 || Kahn's Battle Arena: by RatonMalo / by mk


Pyramid/Tower of Argus: by Nero / by Rugal2 & Noob-Emperor / by Saso4530 || Liu Kang's Tomb: by Deadly Dragon & Reptile / by TechNoir & DarkEvilous


Houan Temple, Dark Sky Temple, Netherrealm Tomb and Frost's Grave by TheXD3ath || Tekunin by Unknown || MKA Bell Tower by Hanzo Hasashi: Old - New


Moloch's Lair by Behzad || Edenia by Behzad || Kahn's Fortress by Eternal || Chaosrealm by Unknown || Mountain Range Christmas (Sky Temple Edit) by Teros


Shinnok's Spire: by Lows 9.0 / by Tetravega & Reptile / by Reiko26 || Stages by RatonMalo: Ying Yang Island / Sky Temple / Prison || Nexus by Rugal2


Netherrealm by Reiko26 & Sannamy || Kahn's Throne Room by Hermit





Full Game/Screenpack: MK Deadly Alliance by Gabesz911 (1.0/320x240): Old - Old2 - New - New2

MK Deception Themed Screenpack by Gary Fisher & gui0007 (1.0/320x240)

MK Armageddon Screenpack by mkfreak89


Sprites Rips: from MK Warehouse (MKDA) || by Ultimecia (MKD) || by RedBlueYellow (MKA)


Sounds Rips/SFX: by tabmok99 (MKDA - MKD - MKA)


Fonts: by tabmok99 (MKDA 1 - MKDA 2 - MKA)











Batman: Alucard, Magus & Andersonlino(2D/MKP) || Superman: Kal-Elvis, Hannibal & Andersonlino(2DMKP) || Flash: Erradicator, Black_Dragon & Andersonlino(2D/MKP)


Green Lantern: Enzo, Buyog, Arque, McCready & Andersonlino(2D/MKP) || Joker: Maxim Kud(2D/MKP) || Catwoman: Madcook & Andersonlino(2D/MKP)


Deathstroke: Polyakov Peter(MKP) / Chuchoryu(2D/Three Ver.) || Darkseid: Andersonlino(2D/MKP/Two Edits) || Dark Kahn: Chuchoryu(2D)





Bat Cave: by Flamekyo / by Mauteck / by RobotMonkeyHead / by Los Tha Don || Fortress of Solitude: by Sic-1 / by ExShadow / by Flamekyo / by Los Tha Don


Gotham City Rooftop: by Flamekyo / by Los Tha Don / by VidGmr1996 || Lexcorp: by Los Tha Don || Metropolis: by Sam || Special Forces Base: by Flamekyo (1 - 2)





MKvDCU MUGEN Kombat by Andersonlino (1.0/1280x720): Screenpack - Full Game


Screenpack: by Misterr07 (1.0/640x480) / by Mazemerald (Winmugen & 1.0/640x480)










Scorpion: Bumble_vin(3D) || Sub-Zero: Bumble_vin(3D) || Skarlet: Fly & Borg117(2D/MKP S2.5) / tem(A)(New MKP/NSFW)


Freddy Krueger: Borg117 & tem(A) - MKP S2.5 Version / Nucka(3D): Old - New - Maxi619's Edit(MKP) - J.Kidd's Edit(MKP)

Mr.Zero & JozoTheBoogey(2D) - Nucka's Edit


Kratos: Legend of Sebas(2D): Old - New || Eddywardster(2D) - Gartanham's Edit - Demulawin's Edit - Mugen's World's Edit(3D) || Devalspuppet(2D)


Cyber Sub-Zero: Lows 9.0(2D/MKP) - Abner's Update / Compiler(2D/MKP) / Fly(2D/MKP) - Borg117's Update(MKP S2.5) / Fantasmix(2D/MKP) / Nero(2D/MKP)





Stages by Abner || Kahn's Colosseum by Sannamy || Jade's Desert: by Sannamy / by Sunaryo / by Evilakuma1000 / by Unknown & J.Kidd


Stages by Maxi619: The Courtyard / Dead Pool || Stages by Great_KungLevo: The Pit Bottom / Hell


Wastelands by Soccerdeluxe || Subway by Richie Makyura || Goro's Lair by xX-Nero-Xx || The Pit by Redmont





Full Game/Screenpack: by Maxi619 (1280x720): 1.0 - 1.1

Edits: by MortalKombatAddict - 640x480 Patch || by Xandegraf || by Andersonlino


Sprites Rips: from MK Warehouse







iWoUkeB.png  ONjt6iv.png  wdXmURy.png  tncqHE3.png  aHHkAwa.png


796CrvB.png  cNBpGbI.png  Yjjhcty.png  G0PJLsW.png  DrFNqQs.png


Kitana: Lows 9.0(2D) || Scorpion: Dragon972(3D)


Cassie Cage: Lows 9.0(2D/MKP)Borg117 & tem(A)(New MKP) - MKP S2.5 Version - SND Edit by IceCold Assassin


Kotal Kahn: CoopNPB(2D/New MKP) - w/ J.Kidd(New MKP) - MKP S2.5 Version || Ferra/Torr: Lows 9.0 & CoopNPB(2D)


Jason Voorhees: Lumppowraca(3D): Old1 - Old2 - Last Ver. / Dobusasori(3D) - Sookie's Edit / Jermaine Kidd(3D/MKP) || Leatherface: Lumppowraca(3D)


TriBorg: Borg117(2D/MKP S2.5) || Tanya: Gus G(2D/MKP S2.5) || Alien/Xenomorph: Jermaine Kidd(MKP S2.5/Alpha) - RU Design's Update





Stages by Richie Makyura || The Kove by Sannamy || Training Room by Lows 9.0 || Outworld Marketplace and Krossroads by Blaze-beat


Jinsei Chamber: by Great_KungLevo / by DarkEvilous (Edit) || Dead Woods by Adriano GT & Blacksaibot: Old - New


Quan Chi's Fortress by Adriano GT & Blacksaibot || Lin Kuei Temple by Halil Scorpion / Stages by RU Design





Screenpack: by Black Shadow (1.0 & 1.1/1280x720): Original - gui0007's Update (2.0) - gui0007's Update (3.0) - JesusRenaut's Final Update


Lifebars: by Hloader (1.0 & 1.1/1280x720) || Sprites Rips: from MK Warehouse

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MK Collection broken again? Just make sure you keep the old versions of Omegapsycho's characters as well as the new ones.

No, he's not done yet. I'm waiting to see if there are any decent MK3 characters out there... I kind of want to find a Nightwolf to use.

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LIU KANG BY CHONWANG from old files of mine:

Dunno if I ever modified this character or not, but link to Erroratu's MK1 Johnny Cage.

Also, you might have mistaken RatonMalo's name for mine, as I didn't create the Warrior's Shrine or Rain Pit stage. The only one I've made was the Courtyard. I didn't make Armory Ruins either, or a Khameleon. :S

NICE! Thanks a lot for these chars Dchan!

And i fix all the trouble. :P

Right on time Yochi. ;)

I'm close to finish the MK2 section.

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I finish the MK3 section! :D

Now, it's time to work in MK4/MKG section.

It is not a big help, but it's still something.

Hidden Content

Thanks. I already using the MugenArchive for the collection.

And i added the MUGEN PLAYER MK games right now. ;)

MK edit Freddy Krueger. He has fatalities and brutailty by Jermaine Kidd

I'll added both when i start the MK (2011) section. Also, this Freddy edit is great. :D

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It should be noted that MelvanaInChains' Cage is loosely based off of the Genesis version. Also, Duck@ss made a Cage based off of an NES bootleg for his full game, and I may do all 9 fighters from said bootleg as WIPs.

Here is a link to a Bear Sub-Zero:


I ain't add Duckss Cage for the same motive i ain't add his Sagat in the SF2 collection.

And you're working on all NES fighters? That's sweet! So, added them as WIP. :D

About Bear Sub-Zero, remember what i said in the main post. He's crap and cheap as hell! :P

What about the "Ruby" Special Guest? And would MKII M. Bison count?

I'll add her soon. ;)

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I ain't add Duckss Cage for the same motive i ain't add his Sagat in the SF2 collection.

And you're working on all NES fighters? That's sweet! So, added them as WIP. :D

About Bear Sub-Zero, remember what i said in the main post. He's crap and cheap as hell! :P

I'll add her soon. ;)

I also go by Hammer Man over at Mugen Fighters Guild.

As for what I said, I will start with Sub-Zero, and work my way up until Shang Tsung (or Skang-Tsung as he is referred to in game). I will say that the bootlegs have no fatalities, however.  :(

BTW, I apologize for not reading he first post (I will admit that all MKP chars are extremely cheap, as one of their normal attacks can drain one third of your health). :P

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On 09/12/2015 at 9:04 PM, Sheriff Woody said:

I also go by Hammer Man over at Mugen Fighters Guild.

As for what I said, I will start with Sub-Zero, and work my way up until Shang Tsung (or Skang-Tsung as he is referred to in game). I will say that the bootlegs have no fatalities, however.  :(

BTW, I apologize for not reading he first post (I will admit that all MKP chars are extremely cheap, as one of their normal attacks can drain one third of your health). :P

Yep, i know that.

And no problem bruh. ;)

Well, MK4/MKG section finished!

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- Added better logos for the MK3/UMK3/MKT and MK4/MKG sections.

- Added some new finds!

- MK Mythologies and two additional sections (MK Special Forces/Defenders of the Realm and MK Shaolin Monks) finished!

- Now it's time to work in the MKDA/MKD/MKA section.

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