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Collection remade. Click in the author name to download.




MivPYAp.png          7UF6BoO.png          QePwHQn.png          GFu6QSX.png          HE1ZSBJ.png

Kazuya: Seki-Rou || Barts: Masa00341 || Gekkou: Seki-Rou || Wulong: Seki-Rou || Lihua: Seki-Rou / Shacti


YN7yi9y.png          wIu3bsd.png          k3wU5DH.png          ohSQPs6.png

Liza: Masa00341 / Ryokucha || Jim McCoy: Masa00341 || Boggy: Mass || Marco: Nicholas James - Cenobite 53's Update / D, The Red Cloak / Flammableking


M49ufcu.png          LuT6ko6.png          Tyc3xOa.png

Gonzales: Seki-Rou || Azteca: Seki-Rou || General: Adamskie - Otto's Edit(MB-ish) / Kusatta(Weakest G/Edit) / BK(Generals/Edit)

DR(Joke): Seki-Rou



Stages by NDS-Silva: Wulong / Gekkou / Jim McCoy / Gonzales / Barts / Kazuya || Boggy Stage by Masa00341 || Marco Stage by Span

Liza Stage by ELECTRO || Lihua Stage by Reno || Lihua and Gonzales Stages by Reginukem || General Stage by Abuhachi and Dorgol

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At last, Gekkou was released by Seki-rou.

Added him and added the original version of Marco by Nicholas James.
Now the roster is complete. :)

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