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Collection with MUGEN stuff from the Bleach DS games.

Click in the author name to download. Red is offline/missing.


rE56bS6.pngPLAYER SELECT - The Blade of Fate & Dark SoulsrE56bS6.png


blc_ichigo.gif          blc_rukia.gif            blc_ishida.gif          blc_yasutora.gif            blc_orihime.gif

Ichigo Kurosaki: StormEX, Isaiah & Cromer92 - TTE Inc.'s Edit / Anjel / Ikaruga: Old - New - TTE Inc.'s Edit

Giovanni(Bankai Mode/Cheap) / Nightmare(Bankai Mode) / Alchemist / Haseo / StormEX & Tsao-ri(CvS) / Megamaze(CvS)

Rukia Kuchiki: BlkFrog: Old - New / Giovanni / LegendTTA / Megamaze(CvS) / Ichiron47("Evil Rukia") / Sektor || Uryū Ishida: Alexei Roschak / Giovanni / DopeFiend

Yasutora "Chad" Sado: Ikaruga: Old - New / Alchemist - Mesiepivot's Edit("El Diablo"/Very Beta) || Orihime Inoue: Ashisukurou


          blc_suifeng.gif          blc_byakuya.gif          blc_sajin.gif          blc_shunsui.gif          blc_toshiro.gif

Suì-Fēng: LfenrirL || Byakuya Kuchiki: Websta / Giovanni / Tairaa / Ikaruga / Yeti / Vladeiko(Very Beta) / Oleg9552

Sajin Komamura: Lightmatt / Cliff-A / Shinrashi || Shunsui Kyōraku: Websta / Giovanni / Ariclenes(Beta)

Tōshirō Hitsugaya: Ikaruga / StormEX: Normal Mode - Bankai Mode


blc_kenpachi.gif          blc_mayuri.gif          blc_kisuke.gif          blc_ukitake.gif          blc_shigekuni.gif

Kenpachi Zaraki: Ikaruga / DopeFiend: Old - New / Yurichi / DMK & Alchemist - Grafo's Edit / Megadoomer / Akimoto / Akruta / Ssjsongoku || Mayuri Kurotsuchi: LfenrirL

Kisuke Urahara: Lightmatt / New92Vimmaso / Ichiron47 - Mesiepivot's Update || Jūshirō Ukitake: Yeti || Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryūsai: Cliff-A


blc_shiba.gif          blc_yoruichi.gif          blc_ichimaru.gif          blc_aizen.gif          blc_tosen.gif          blc_ganju.gif

Kūkaku Shiba: S.Nara(Cheap) || Yoruichi Shihouin: Alchemist - Getsuga Tensho's Edit / Sixfortyfive || Gin Ichimaru: Kankuro007

Sōsuke Aizen: DopeFiend / Ikaruga / StormEX / Cliff-A / Oleg9552 / Oz || Kaname Tōsen: Alchemist / Sandom || Ganju Shiba: Dw11 / Hamizen


blc_kira.gif          blc_momo.gif          blc_yachiru.gif          blc_hisagi.gif          blc_renji.gif          blc_matsumoto.gif          blc_nemu.gif

Izuru Kira: StormEX & Egibol22 / Angel(Beta) || Momo Hinamori: Ashisukurou (pass: ashisukurou) (Alt. Link) || Yachiru Kusajishi: Egibol22 || Shūhei Hisagi: Lightmatt(Beta)

Renji Abarai: Ikaruga / Giovanni - Mesiepivot's Edit(Bankai Mode) / Mr.Nika / Arthmyx || Rangiku Matsumoto: Cliff-A / Betalille / Mario11766 || Nemu Kurotsuchi: Egibol22


blc_bonnie.gif          blc_ikkaku.gif          blc_yamada.gif          blc_holichigo.gif          blc_kyugohanin.gif          blc_tatsuki.gif          blc_kon.gif

Bonnie: Hamizen || Ikkaku Madarame: Jerrydrizzt / Yeti - DopeFiend's Edit / Ssjsongoku / Mario11766(Bankai) || Hanatarō Yamada: Mario11766

Hollow Ichigo (Ogihci): StormEX: Old - New / Ikaruga / Arthmyx || Kyugohanin: Lightmatt || Tatsuki Arisawa: Ikaruga || Kon: Yeti


blc_gfisher.gif          blc_grande.gif          blc_shrieker.gif          blc_tsukaima.gif

Grand Fisher: Lmsanchez || Menos Grande: Lmsanchez || Shrieker: Ichidori555 || Tsukaima: Ristar87


rE56bS6.pngPLAYER SELECT - The 3rd Phantom & Flame BringerrE56bS6.png


lilynettegingerback_xCB.png          Stark_82216.png          grimmjowjaegerjaquez_7pr.png

Lilynette Gingerback: Cliff-A || Coyote Starrk: Giovanni || Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez: Giovanni: Normal - Resurrección / Oleg9552


         ulquiorraschiffer_rKI.png          yammi_Ut4.png40106.png

Ulquiorra Cifer: Giovanni / Uchiha / New92Vimmaso(Resurrección): 1st Phase - 2nd Phase

Yammy Llargo: PokeMan309 || Young Byakuya: Cliff-A


2913725m.gif          isane_kotetsu_ung.png          54360aed89bde586173796299.gif          2942397m.gif

Hiyori Sarugaki: Giovanni / Cliff-A || Isane Kotetsu: Mesiepivot / Betalille || Retsu Unohana: Mario(Beta) || Shinji Hirako: Oleg9552 / Giovanni


rE56bS6.pngPLAYER SELECT - Ichigo EditsrE56bS6.png


blc_pichigo.gif          super_saiyan_ichigo_Bji.gif          ichigovizard_6hS.png          itigo.gif                 ichigovizard2ndhollowmask_AtX.png          ichigovastolorde_jp0.gif          Mugetsu.gif

Possessed Ichigo: Mesiepivot || Super Saiyan Ichigo: Ichiron47 || Vizard Ichigo: Giovanni || Itigo: Drowin

Vizard Ichigo (2nd Mask): StormEX / New92Vimmaso & Ristar87 || Vasto Lorde Ichigo: StormEX || Mugetsu Ichigo: StormEX(Cheap)


rE56bS6.pngPLAYER SELECT - From Other Games / Edited CharsrE56bS6.png


2891198m.gif2885055m.gif2889150m.gif          2898353m.gif2927038m.gif    5df5de2ec947.gif

Tensa Zangetsu: Dw11 || Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck: Mario || Szayel Aporro Grantz: Betalille / Warner / Giovanni

Zommari Leroux: Dick Head || Nnoitra Gilga: Giovanni / Cliff-A || Ashido Kano: Cliff-A / Cesarsombra & Soul Eater


2930106m.gif  2939322m.gif      2941373m.gif            tauntssjtoshiro_j2q.gif        vastolordebyakuya_sue.png

Barragan Luisenbarn: ValterX || Aaroniero Arruruerie: Betalille / Warner || Tier Harribel: Giovanni

Super Saiyan Hitsugaya: Ichiron47 || Vasto Lorde Byakuya: Dark Byakuya(Cheap)



Hollow Invasion -Bonus Game- by Ristar87 & Pots (Click in the image to download)


rE56bS6.pngSTAGE SELECTrE56bS6.png

Stages by Dan Mt. || Stages by Blah || Stages by Mikel8888 || Stages by Kazushi || Stages by Devhid Tillos

Hueco Mundo by Saiyajin Mui & Hihoshi || Central & Dojo Stages by Yeti & Nori-ban



By Sobek (Winmugen/320x240) || By DopeFiend (Winmugen/320x240) || By StormEX (1.0/640x480) || By Zinesis (1.0/640x480)


rE56bS6.pngFULLGAME SELECTrE56bS6.png

By Ristar87 (Winmugen/320x240) || By Zinesis (1.0/640x480) - Converted to 1.1 by gui0007

By Alex Silva (1.0/640x480) || By Siete7ViT (JUS Style/Winmugen/320x240)


rE56bS6.pngOTHER STUFF SELECTrE56bS6.png

Lifebars: By Yeti (320x240) / By DopeFiend (320x240) / By Dan Mt. (640x480)

Sprites & Sounds Rips: From Sprite Database (just write "Bleach" in the Search bar) / From Spriters Resource

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Woah! nice remake on the collection gue0007

didn't relize that many Bleach characters was converted for mugen :goodmood:


Thanks! :D

Fixed some broken images.

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52 minutes ago, Mister Fael said:

Hinamori has a password.

The pass is ashisukurou. ;)


1 minute ago, Ryoucchi said:

And thanks for the new link bruh, added as an alternative link and noted the pass of the original link.

Also many of the links, especially the MA links, are changed now. :)

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Little update:
- Added Ichigo (Bankai Mode) by Nightmare.

- Fixed link of Alexei's Uryu.

- Put LegendTTA's Rukia as offline.

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5 hours ago, Bababooey22 said:

Here is my proof:


Sorry to disappoint you but that video is from the 2nd Bleach game on DS, it is not MUGEN.

Also, I think neither of them exist in MUGEN.

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