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Jojo's Bizzare Adventure: Heritage for the Future

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This collection only covers characters from the CPS3 Fighting game.

Game Fighters (They're in the order on the roster):


Jotaro Kujo: Warusaki3 - Original / SomaCruz1998's edit, y.y, ANMC, 41, MBS, ShinRei

Avdol: Niname, Izumo, Camrat

Iggy: Gal129, Hakugin, Hekira, Ran

Mariah: Rei, Aoao + Ayustat - Original / Ex-Infernis' edit, Michlantecuhtli + "C"C



Midler: Sureiman, Montana, Mugen Institute

Joseph Joestar: Niname, y.y, Yukami, Tokei, Tommy-Gun

Noriaki Kakyoin: Niname, Izumo, Orochi Herman

Dio Brando: Warusaki3 (with Coat) - Original / SomaCruz1998's edit / Warusaki3 (without Coat) - Original / SomaCruz1998's edit, Shio, Montana, AMNC, 41 - Old / 1.1, Giru-Sama



Chaka: Niname, Tommy-Gun, Papparapa, GGG

Pet Shop: Rei, Kemco SpaceHunterVigor

Jean Pierre Polnareff: Niname, Izumo, Bad Darkness

Hol Horse: y.y, MBS, Ouchi



Vanilla Ice: Warusaki3, Niname, Humi, Erika

Devo: Niname, ANMC

 Alessi: Niname, H", Hatti

Black Polnareff: Warusaki3, Ice



New Kakyoin: Niname, 1 + Izumo

Rubber Soul: Bad Darkness

Young Joseph Joestar: Niname, Tamago, Men's Club, Anomi Polis, Yapoos

Shadow Dio: Warusaki3 - Original / SomaCruz1998's edit, Orochi Herman, Kikurage, 41

Khan: NinameBad Darkness


Alessi Forms:

tUK5OER.pnggkDsm66.pngoBoSURJ.pngN9qObVG.pngPosted Image

Jotaro Kujo: Papparapa

Jean Pierre Polnareff: Papparapa

Midler: Papparapa

Nukesaku: NGI

Wang Chang: Papparapa




Star Platinum: Duracelleur, Vs. Style Debut

The World: Hotaryuso

Ebony Devil: Shio


Other Edits:


American Idiot: Tommy-Gun

Down: Arti

Fukukage Dio: Jirougaki

Hol Funtimes: DrKelexo

Silver Bullet: Mr. Fong



Arcade Stage Collection

PSX Stage Collection

Kung Fu Man's Stages

y.y's Stages


Other Stuff:

Addon Pack (WinMugen Plus)

High Dio Voice Patch

Dark Spirit's Intro

Zenisis' Full Game

Kung Fu Man's Screenpack

y.y's Screenpack

gui007's Screenpack edits

Kung Fu Man + RipperRollerDa's Lifebar

Gazira's Portrait Pack

Lol's voice patches

Fugo's Old Joseph voice patch

Ossan's Polnareff voice patch

Enderwire's voice patches

塩星's High Dio voice patches

Heal the World's voice patches



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Those'll get their own collection later. I hope the old one is kept for now.

Also, I'm implementing the new logo.

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Anyone has some AI Patches for Warusaki3's JJBA characters like Jotaro and DIO? I found a link a while back, but it's no longer working for me.

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Some stuff posted by various people in the old collection.


- Edited Character: Silver Bullet by Mr. Fong


(Made the image)

- 41 apparently made Jotaro which was released for limited time (offline now)

- Some ASB voice patched edits by SomaCruz1998: Jotaro / Shadow DIO / DIO / Final DIO

- y.y's Stages

- y.y's JJBA Dreamcast Screenpack (Win+)

KFM's Lifebars patched by RippleRollerDa for 1.0



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Added everything that was posted.


Thanks Ryoucchi for all the stuff and prior things added (The TBC sign and Down's image).

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UroJoJo (Stardust Crusaders parody webseries) voice patches:

by Lol: Kakyoin, Avdol, Polnareff, Rubber Soul (it did not specify the authors for the first 3, though)

by Fugo: Old Joseph (y.y's)

by Ossann: Polnareff (Nimame's)


All Star Battle voice patches:

by Enderwire: Nimame's Avdol & Polnareff, Warusaki's Jotaro, DIO & Final DIO

by 塩星: Updated voice patch for Shio's High DIO, now including his ASB voice alongside the OVA version


Anime voice patches:

by Heal The World: Mariah by Rei & Hol Horse by y.y



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