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Click the link below images (do not click the image themselves) to get the desired version of the characters.

Color guide:  Yellow is WIP/Unfinished. Red is offline. If anyone have any of the offline characters, we'll appreciate it if you could post a new link.



O8VApow.png   J9DANZp.png   2QQs5jE.png   YyhyEo6.png  2v4GrFy.png uVCdmEv.png

Skullomania: DEMAN [SFEX] || Garuda: DEMAN [SFEX] || Shadow Geist: DEMAN [SFEX] || Allen Snider: Dragon972 || Kairi: Mondu_The_Fat || Hokuto Mizukami: DEMAN [SFEX2]





VkDAhMV.png   Ql5asgM.png   LVOx26Q.png  r6dZdCG.png   JciTzvh.png   9iblAX5.png  gW7rmSG.png  QIUt2Mj.png  EBxcomM.png  z0clW3x.png gclIrvA.png   qXIalcP.png 

hyI1y9B.png   6kMHFuo.png   3em5AbO.png   pTMSF9O.png   QOZTZNd.png kWh5anw.png

Ryu: Armin_Iuf: Old - Update || Ken: Armin_Iuf || SkullomaniaDivineWolf [CVS] / SeanAltly [CVTW] || Garuda: Armin_Iuf || KairiMr. Karate JKA [CVS] || Blair Dame: 1st: K.O.D / XCB / DivineWolf [CVS] / 2nd: RyouWin & Dampir 


Hokuto Mizukami: Chuchoryu [CVS] / Marvel-Arika [CVS] || Dark Hokuto: Chuchoryu || Doctrine DarkArmin_Iuf || NanaseArmin_Iuf - Gatorison's edit || SharonArmin_Iuf || Cracker Jack: Armin_Iuf || Area: Armin_Iuf


Darun Mister: Armin_Iuf  || Pullum Purna: Armin_Iuf - Gatorison's edit: Edit 1 - Final Edit 1 - Edit 2 - Final Edit 2 || Shin Bison: 1st: Kamekaze [CVS] / 2nd: B.Skryo-Rextrion [SFA]



SLHUrss.png   DrFkub0.png

KairiChuchoryu || Allen SniderChuchoryu



[SFEX] Stages by NEON 7 ||  [SFEX] Stages by Yamori X || [SFEX 2] Amusementive Crime 2 by Yamori X || [SFEX 2] Pearl in The Sky by Yamori X


[SFEX 2]  Lost Sea by Yamori X || SFEX 2+] Flash Train by Yamori X || [SFEX 2+] Infinite Earth by Yamori X



SFEX+ α Screenpack by Phantom Blood [Mugen 1.0/640x480]

SFEX+ α Screenpack by Phantom Blood, edited by Toxic [Mugen 1.0/640x480]

SFEX 3 Announcer Voice by JMAMUGENFanKid1991

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Hey! Thanks for adding my stages, Ryoucchi! My only mistake is that I didn't rip all the sprite images from the game itself & instead used static images from a website.

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I have look for other Street Fighter Characters from EX3. There no D.Dark character :( almost a joke but not real when I search on google, they are hard to find....




Also, got the fight sound for the MUGEN screenpack that you guys can just use for Fighter Factory... The SFEX3 Announcer voice - click on the link

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- Ryu update by Armin_Iuf

- Ken by Armin_Iuf

- Pullum Purna by Armin_Iuf

- Edits of Armin_Iuf's Pullum Purna and Nanase by Gatorison

- Dark Hokuto by Chuchoryu

- Shin Bison by Kamekaze

- Shin Bison by  B.Skryo-Rextrion

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