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Click the author names below the images to download! Red text means a character is offline.




y19fK5p.pngXiEk2ks.pngFB5cB0R.png  fZeEfrz.png  dqVwBbC.pngvkTuful.png AP7h0GO.png6V3ERNX.png

Nanoha TakamachiFinir / Seravy || Vita: 1st: IF / 2nd: Finir / Seravy || Subaru NakajimaMarktwo || SignumMisogi || Fate Testarossa HarlaownMinaduki 


Hayate YagamiOmega / Omega + Mijukuzamurai || Stern / Material-SNipa3008



Y0npc3M.png  uRkLRRk.png  sejFPD8.png

Project-FMinaduki || Fate Flare Type-B: Ken Ken Tan || Fate Flare Type-C: Ken Ken Tan


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Hoping there was that guy was completely abandon after the third series I don't know why the creators did and If anyone else which do you prefer nanoha shipping with fate or yuuno or all three of them in a relationship

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