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Cho Aniki: Bakuretsu Ranto-hen

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Click the link below images (do not click the image themselves) to get the desired version of the characters.

Color guide: Blue is custom gameplay. Yellow is WIP. Red is offline. If anyone have any of the offline characters, we'll appreciate it if you could post a new link.



z2MAlVk.gif           B6UT2FI.gif          Hixjdie.gif           bQMahN7.gif

Adon by Mouser, by Aniki01adon || Idaten by Mouser || Samson by Mouser, by Touch My Harbl


Uminin by GooGoo64Melchior M. Phillips



QMASFqn.gif        QMASFqn.gif

G Adon by Aniki01adon || Super Aniki by Geese



Stage Pack by Mouser || Giant Statue by Hikaryo


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Nice to see a Cho Aniki collection Ryou. This is one of the most craziest game i ever played. XD

Indeed :p


Thanks again man.

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