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MGBR gone down for good, and Sander71113's creations are now offline. I decided to post all them up here in case anyone need them.

Click the images to download! Let me know if there's any broken links.



ohL0Kbu.gif WDDByPq.gif pPXPfJL.gif Bst9IsC.gif x5sOSxP.gif
Benimaru Nikaido Chizuru Kagura Goro Daimon Iori Yagami Kyo Kusanagi
GCzIgxb.gif bvyOvf0.gif 0uhHR0D.gif KfS5wtE.gif 2sXeXx1.gif
Lucky Glauber Ramon Ryuzi Yamazaki Terry Bogard Vanessa
zam3TNj.gif 2JtBCKS.gif      
Sasquatch Wolverine      


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