Abridge the name above you!

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This is something that is in another forum that i am in. (the geometry dash forum)

All you do is take the name above you and change it some how.

PurpleYoshiStduios: Hello!

DartzPie: bye Yoshi.

Big Green: PieDarts

Laharl: Small Blue

and so on.

Dont make them too offensive! You dont want anyone being sad, do you?




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These characters are, memorable,cute & imaginative, without Elecbyte, none of this would be possible, they really made an amazing engine. I'll always love these chars, from my favorite fancharacter Think to that awesome Angeloid Astraea, these sprites are memories to be loved. They're all my favorites.

"Spring is when nature's at it's prettiest! The flowers, the bees."-Laverne YT Channel

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