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This is where I'll be posting my Small Portraits for certain characters that I decide to make for.

Here's some of my most recent Sm.Ports:

J9jSlbg.png - Evil Ryu by 119-Way

bB6wyQ5.png - Gohan by Boryema

70QdWT2.png - Joe Higashi by Ryon

9hZt41t.png - Marisa Kirisame by RicePigeon

ybEuLBs.png - Hayato Kanzaki by Yamori X

haIQbwc.png - Adon by Yamori X

NvAb0Oi.png - Lilith Aensland by Yamori X

NHR6ihS.png - Jin Saotome by Yamori X


Older ones:

PZXXf.png - Ryu by KameKaze

Hk9U3.png - Captain Commando by Splode

ZYVAl.png - Kyo Kusanagi by K.O.D

lV7U9.png - Black Widow by Hypersonic and Co

Fd1W5.png - Fuuma Kotaro by Fervicante

v0GNrkj.png - Arcueid Brunestud by 9

buK8F.png - Shin Akuma by P.O.T.S

img - MegaMan Zero by N64Mario

86Gw5.png - Squall Leonheart by Sean Altly

KcjeO.png - Bad-BoxArt MegaMan by Mouser

Wump3.png - #18 by Stig87 or XCB/Big Eli King

VvJWY.png - SSJ2 Gohan by CHOUJIN

BaWRs.png - Super Goku by CHOUJIN

IPxHz.png - Super Vegeta by CHOUJIN

eG8Ht.png - Mike Haggar by SeanAltly

pu5Rx.png - Sub-Zero by SeanAltly

KWyTw.png - MegaMan by DG

qJLdJ.png - Goku by CHOUJIN

Qf8qg.png - Piccolo by CHOUJIN

pastQ.png - Vegeta by CHOUJIN

B1L0V.png - Super Goku by CHOUJIN

HmQzw.png - Burter by Stig87

0LIrC.png - Frieza by CHOUJIN

YSJun.png - Captain Ginyu by Stig87

eHmOh.png - Kid Gohan by Miaoyu

MUFQx.png - Recoome by Miaoyu

LMHbe.png - Venom by Sludge

SrMxx.png - Link by Ermac Won

BjG3Q.png - MegaMan Zero by N64Mario

SmEhz.png - Hulk by Erradicator

ZiX7C6N.png - Decapre by Pullo

T1vwL.png - Ryu by DCL

eupqt.png - Spider-Man by Ferchogtx

dgspX.png - Morrigan Aensland by P.O.T.S

w6ryY.png - Mai Shiranui by DivineWolf (currently being used by the author)

sTmO2.png - Shin Gouki by P.O.T.S

img - *V1* Shin Gouki by P.O.T.S

img-  *V2* Shin Gouki by P.O.T.S

Ba69U.png - *V3 - Final* Shin Gouki by P.O.T.S

HHqVb.png - Sagat by KameKaze

WnkDR.png - Ken Masters by JMorphMan

aIIS1.png - Guile by JMorphMan

FlCuc.png - Sagat by KameKaze

fNbTG.png - Ryu by P.O.T.S

VD4X8.pngAthena Asamiya by Zero-Sennin

3KoFy.png - Kung Fu Man by DivineWolf (currently being used by the author i think)

XGiLl.png - Ryu by Fido

OIC5n.png - Spider-Man by Erradicator

ZfzpH.png - Taki by CvS Artist

ClRl9.png - Sonic The Hedgehog by MUGENHunter (& Veanko)

zxOlVHN.png - Vegeta by Neocide

ytTgZIA.png - Ryu by P.O.T.S

cC4MQPT.png - Shin Gouki by P.O.T.S


Others that I made for projects or no reason at all, but can be used for other characters:

PB3YzST.png - Chun-Li by Lost_Avenger

g7xrTPT.png - Cammy White by Lost_Avenger

VLnPp.png - Ryu by Lost_Avenger

AyqcZ.png - Frank West





0XXjq.png - (All these Sonic sm.ports were made at the time that Sean Altly announced his Sonic The Hedgehog W.I.P)

V1cxY.png - Kung Fu Girl

HF2A6.png - Skullomania

RuqXJ.png - Ryu by Lost_Avenger

Vid9C.png - Ken Masters by Lost_Avenger

JRHCy.png - Sakura Kasugano by Lost_Avenger

pP5wk.png - Shin Gouki by Lost_Avenger

4ndZq.png - Cammy White by Lost_Avenger

PFOQ3.png - Chun-Li by Lost_Avenger

cCT4S.png - Cody by Lost_Avenger

CpDbQ.png - Jill Valentine by Lost_Avenger

T09Jl.png - Karin Kanzuki by Lost_Avenger

ELK5S.pngKarin Kanzuki by Lost_Avenger

61w8D.pngKarin Kanzuki by Lost_Avenger

iPqrO.png - John Cena

B3XNfHm.png - Kyo Kusanagi

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Are we only able to use the small ports for the characters specified? Or can they be used for any version of the character?

BTW, lovin' the DBZSSW2 small ports! That was how I was introduced to DBZ!

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