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Fatal Fury

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This collection only covers the first game.

Blue characters are accurate to some degree.

Purple characters are custom, and will have the gameplay style or other notes indicated if possible.

Green characters use remastered sprites.

Light Green characters are W.I.Ps.

Brown characters are DOS exclusive.

Red characters are offline.

Character Select



Terry Bogard by: Rin & Bat, MASA, Mr. Pancadaria, Ixnaydk (KOF-ish)



Andy Bogard by Rin, Montana, Namaguideran (KOF-ish)



Joe Higashi by Rin & Bat, THE ICEMAN



Duck King by Lewis, J.K



Richard Meyer by Rin & Bat, Mr. S + Misamu K Young + Shin Dio



Michael Max by Rin, Unsigned (KFM Spriteswap), Lord Sinistro, Mr. S



Tung Fu Rue by Rin & Bat, Alexei Roschak



Hwa Jai by Rin & Bat, Lord Sinistro, Mr. SOriginal / With Misamu K Young and KW / With Misamu K Young, Larno, and Proto



Raiden by Rin & Bat, Unsigned, Lord Sinistro - Old / New



Billy Kane by Rin & Bat + Lewis



Geese Howard by Rin & Bat, MASA, The_None (Magic Geese contains a FF mode)



Caddie's stages

Namu Abi Dabutu's stages

Dark Saviour's stages

Anamochi's stages

Ken Master's stages

Yusuke's stages

KAINE's Raiden stage

Other Stuff

Minmeishobou's bonus game

MASA's bonus game

Ironjw's screenpack

Saikoro's portraits

Gazira's portraits

ikki's A.I patches

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For consistency's sake, I changed the links of certain characters that linked to Rin & Bat's archived site to the MediaFire links. Also Minmieshobou's stuff is offline.

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Alright, somewhat big update.

1. Fixed the images to be more akin to the more recent collections.

2. Edited the author names of Rin & Bat's characters to reflect what the .def says.

3. Gave Rin's Michael the Charsffdos2win treatment.

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Here's two offline chars I could find.


Raiden by unsigned author: 

Author of this unsigned raiden char is called "foagura" or "forgra" Because I could understand the creator name in Japanese. and is very good.


Bonus game by minmeisyobou aka minmeishobou:

Because link in wayback works.


But I could not Find Joe Higashi by THE ICEMAN (That's an funny name for an mugen creator) aka: Blackjack

and MASA@DAS' Ff1 chars because it was never listened on his site which is now close due to J:COM TERMINATION.



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