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Shin Kido Senki Gundam Wing: Endless Duel

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Here's some Gundam Wing characters I found: (in the same page there's other characters but mainly Dragon Ball characters)

Ohgaki's OneDrive, just to keep up with update and that Mugenarchive giving problem to non-user downloaders



Thanks people!

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Added the old version of Kamekaze's Sandrock and Taurusac195's Leo.

EDIT: It has also come to my attention that the site Taurusac195's other characters were found has gone under. So yeah, if anyone has them, that'd be great.

Yet another edit: Found Taur's Vayeate and Tallgeese, as well as Brent's Tallgeese.

Rule of three edit: Found Taur's Mercius and Deathscythe.

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