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Since my old attempt was deleted, time to remake this collection, but in a new format.

Click on the links below the pictures to find the character version you're looking for. Characters in red are offline and/or need the proper links.



Goku by Kamekaze, RyonRibero, SOUZA, Maylon, Hyper_Goku

Vegeta by Kamekaze, Overmind - Trunks' edit - Thrawn's editWang-D, Natty_Dread, [Pepsi_man]

Gotenks by Kamekaze, Cyanide, GohanSSM2, Natty_Dread, Danil, SodonHID, AlExTp, Hyper_Goku + SSJ4_Vegeta19

Gohan by KamekazeZero_X, MugenGuy + RedSpider, CSFF7H, Bardock

Vegetto by Kamekaze, SOUZA, HyperionX & Kiki, Shishi-RyuSSJLyncolnGokku Hyper, AzcalNail, GatoSoft S.A, Kakaroto,

Piccolo by Kamekaze, Ssonic, SOUZA

Fat Buu by Kamekaze, GohanSSM2, Overmind, Princevegeta + _Vision, AlExTpNatty_Dread

Kid Buu by Kamekaze, Cyanide, Princevegeta, SSJ4_Vegeta18, Majin Venon, Njistenic, Natty_Dread, Ronaldo, Majin Brolly, Super Vegetto, Unsigned, dragonballfury, Ahuron/Alma

Frieza by Kamekaze, Overmind - _Vision's edit, UnsignedAJ, Akira, sneak

Cell by Kamekaze, Ssonic, SOUZA, Natty_Dread, Gama, Burori


GohanSSM2's stages

Pioupiou's stages


EgO's screenpack

Jezekiel's portrait pack


ShadeDBZ, Belial, and Exodecai's sprite rips

Kramlack, Bonzai, and Son Gohan's sprite rips

GohanSSM2's music rips

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Also, thanks to that BabyMugen site Tanic showed me, I found some more characters that will come in handy for this collection and my others.

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Well then,

> Removed all edit versions. It'd be a catastrophe to document them all. Maybe another collection one day.

> Thanks to Mugen Museum, a whole bunch of old stuff was added. I dare you to find them if you can!

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