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ろくお 石田 (旗 の 心)

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I Wanna Be The Guy


The Kid, Mike Tyson, Mecha-Birdo, Dracula, Kraidgrief, King Bowser, Mother Brain, Whispy Woods, Spiny, The Moon, The Guy, Yukari Yakumo (IWBTG), Porky Minch, StickyKeys, Mecha-Spaghettio, Glados.


IWBTGG: I Wanna be the Guy: Gaiden


The Lad, Kung Fu Man (IWBTG)



Other Characters


Giygas, The Moon (Bag Character), Utsuho Reiuji (IaMP), Ozma the Jawbreaker, Omega Whispy Woods, Killer Croc



IWBTG: The Mugen-Based Fan Game



IWBTG Stages




and Enjoy ; )



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