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Another all-new collection. ^ ^



Red is missing/offline.


win_swordsman.png                         win_blodia.png                  win_riot.png

BX-04S/Swordsman                          BX-02/Blodia                             BX-07R/Riot       

Kuron | Kong                                            GM | Kuron | Kong                                              Kong       


win_lightning.png                                 win_reptos.png              win_jackal.png

RF-009/Lightning                         RF-004/Reptos                       RF-027/Jackal    

Kuron | | Kong                       Z.A.I | Kuron & Kong | Kong                           Kuron | Kong         


win_tarantula.png                        win_fordy.png                                 win_killerbee.png

     FZ-202/Tarantula                         FZ-100/Fordy                      FZ-900J/Killer Bee

        Kuron | Kong                                    Z.A.I | Kong | Freezell                                  Kuron | Kong


   win_vise.png           win_guldin.png  win_cyclone.png

      GP-V4/Vise                               GP-N1/Guldin                        GP-D2/Cyclone

    Kuron | Kong                                                    Kong                                                  Z.A.I | Kong


    cyber_gaits.gif                       cyber_super8.gif                cyber_helion.gif                                      cyber_warlock.gif

P-10033/Gaits                            S-008/Super-8                                        UVA-02/Helion                               X-0/Warlock

        Z.A.I | Weapon X | Kong                                Fujy | Kuron | Kong                                          Fujy | Enjuo | Z.A.I | Kong                Fujy | Kuron | Kong & Kuron | Kong




Armored Warriors Enemies & Bosses by

List of characters: Toatus, Battle Worker, Valimes, Insect, Jage, Roller Gori, Rad and Sculd



G-13EX/Gouki Zero Akuma - N64Mario



aw_borer.gif                     cyber_vlade.gif

Borer                                    Vlade



Stages + Edits by

Stages by Yusuke

Stages by Ryo 2005

Stages by XGargoyle

Stages by MINI43

Cyberbots City by Robo Z

Underwater/Deep Six by Kung Fu Man



Cyberbots Warriors Screenpack by Reginukem

AI Patches for Z.A.I chars by Kuron

AI Patches for chars by Holn

Sprite rips by Kong

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The Kuron and Z.A.I chars are a good choice.

Also try out the chars.

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You forgot Warlock by Kong.

It's the last in the Warlock's list. ;P

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Great collection for mecha-freak (like me :P)


Anyways, here's some stage by MINI43:

Nice! :D

Added; Thanks Ryoucchi. ;)



OOOOOH This is a great start! I wonder, was there any screenpacks made for cyberbots for mugen at all?

Sadly, nope Flow. :(

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Super Eight by Fujy, i totally forgot this was uploaded to my MF folder.


Don't mind the filename, i was just being all paranoid around that time (since MF took files down a lot), lol.

Haha, yep i know Ryoucchi, MF doing this with some of my files too.

Added. Thanks so much! :)

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Added Cyberbots Warriors screenpack by Reginukem and changed links of XGargoyle and MINI43 stages.

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