Have made a lot of them, might as well share it. This thread will be updated weekly (I guess. Also, since they are big, i'll be putting them on spoilers.)   #1 - One of my first ones, when attempting to do the Gundam Dynames pose.     #2 - Second one, when learning more about posing.   #3 - Third one, getting better   #4 - Fourth One, Stylish, also C-c-combo Breaker. (You'll know why when you finish seeing this post.)   #5 - Some battle posing for an RP   #6 - Chilling until someone uninvited appears   #7 - After some walking around exploring the city, a rest on the bridge   #8 - Meanwhile, somewhere else.   #Extra - A screenshot i took ingame   That's all for now, i know some of them are Neptunia based, but i'll try to have some variations, as you could see on the bridge. Anyway, till next week