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Umm... I know people nowadays are using Mugen 1.0, but I like to share this creation to those who are still using the Good Ol' Retro WinMugen+...
Based on AX's AX2 Screenpack.
Main Menu Screen
Options Screen
Select Screen and Select Stage Viewer
Versus Screen
Game Over Screen
And that's that, Pretty Plain and Simple
Number of Slots: 1148 Characters Capacity
Hidden Slots: No
Animated: Yes
Stage Viewer: Yes
Download: (Go to Motif Menu)
-> Before you customize the Stage Viewer Template make sure to read the Stage Viewer Guide first.
Thanks to HungryWolf for Helping me with Select Background. :)
I'm using DJ-Van's System and VS Sound Clip so I give him credit.

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ima try this out thanks for sharing :D


looks really cool!


Thanks for the comment guys.



This looks really nice and stylish. Anyways, since you made this i moved this to releases.

Sorry, looks like I posted on the wrong thread.

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