Battle Tycoon: Flash Hiders SFX

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    btbfh_bang.gif     btbfh_calnarsa.gif           btbfh_harman.gif    btbfh_ottoh.gif   btbfh_lance.gif

     Bang       Calnarsa        Harman          Ottoh           Jail Lance

All chars by AnkokuNaitou || Harman by ChairmanKaga


     btbfh_pachet.gif        btbfh_spenoza.gif                  btbfh_tiria.gif

        Pachet             Spenoza                 Tiria

           AnkokuNaitou         Pyrovivi            AnkokuNaitou

            Pyrovivi                                           Taruse



btbfh_guston.gif    btbfh_seena.gif

  Guston     Seena



Stages by Zion

Stages by Navana

Stages by Right Stuff

Stages by Cenobite 53

Forest Stage by Span

Calnarsa's Sunset and Tiria's Sunset (NSFW) by Luiz Chuck_Hikaryo

Pier Stage by O Ilusionista

Tiria and Patchet Stages by Agnibyte (Both missing)



Sound Rips by Electrocaid

AI Patches for Bang and Harman by NS

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It's nice to see some truly obscure games mixed in with the timeless classics and cult hits you normally make collections for? Any plans for a KOF-related collection?

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Added Agnibyte stages as missing. I'll be very thankful if someone have them.

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