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Hannah Montana

My stuff (sprites, portraits,etc.)

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Hello everybody.
I open this topic to post my stuff.
There are pixel art that I made, some intended for mugen characters, like portraits.Some made from scrap.
Watch this:
Marvel's Stuff
Venom Spiderman 3 portrait:
SpiderMan portraits stuff:
Original Stuff.
For ya them, intended to be Mugen fighters, first she, I called her "Spookie Cookie", she will have "Nightmare stuff",just watch her shirt.
Win portrait:
and here comes Rocio Rocket,my -(sadly deceased)- best friend,smart, strong and cool nerdy girl,we miss ya.
the stuff about her is not intended to be "fan service",just she won beauty contests.
I hope ya like my work.

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Holy shit..
watching these.
I considered myself who can do a tiny.
now i am sure i am nill at it
These portraits are Soooperb [Double Thumbs UP]

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