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Melty Blood Series

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P-Satsuki by Kakeypurai (Cheap!)

Neco-Arc CHAOS G666 by DOBUROKU (AI patch by Neat Unsou included)

M-S-Kohaku by Kakeypurai (Also cheap!)


I'm unsure if the AI patch for G666 is incorperated into the character or if it can be moved.

As for M-S-Kohaku, Kakey does have a place where they upload their stuff (as evidenced by his Satsuki), though because moonrunes and possibly mistranslated stuff, I'm unsure if the Kohaku is on there (I got the download from the owner of Spriteclub, Erxos), so I uploaded her to my Mediafire for the time being.

Anyway, hope you enjoy~

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- Archetype:Earth by IQS

- P-Satsuki and M-S-Kohaku by Kakeypurai

- Neco CHAOS G666 by Doburoku



- cheap characters are now distinguishable from normal ones by their links being colored in light blue (do let me know if i missed something because nowadays i don't have time to test each characters individually)

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A few things -

- I personally consider Otto's old Neco-Arc Chaos and Toma's Neco-Arc to be pretty cheap - regular Neco-Arc has one super that it likes to spam a lot that gives it iframes and attacks the majority of the screen, and Chaos has some absurd reach and regen when in Blood Heat mode (plus a multitude of cheap palettes)

- The Hi-Res sprite Kohaku from Battle Moon Wars (also known as Deka Kohaku) is WINMugen only- I can understand that's why the cheap/broken link was used, but I suggest a note saying so myself

- Catgirl Kohaku is a null character AFAIK (if I recall I've said this before, but with the site going down I'm not sure if that info still exists)

- Swimsuit Len (AKA Sefu-Len)'s portrait is broken, for some reason


On another note, there are two "Neco" versions of Misaka from A Certain Magical Index (both by mob7). Does their "Neco" style (see picture below) make them suitable for this collection, or would they belong in a ACMI collection, if there is one?


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also i'd love to re-upload sefu sefu len but i was ip banned from the archive for some reason and therefore nothing can be done about it...


shame, despite the controversies that surround that site, they've got everything conveniently put together in one place and been a great help to me over the past year

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Here are a couple AI patches that Hutuno made for a few Melty Blood characters. Specifically:

  • Archetype Earth and Kohaku by Ina
  • Regular Sion and Tatari Sion by Shiroto
  • Akiha Vermillion by Sion_Love (Not sure if it's Act Cadenza or ReAct)


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On ‎3‎/‎8‎/‎2019 at 9:22 PM, Asuka Masaki said:

First time person, I am Asuka Masaki.
I did not update the characters, but I reported it because it is quite important information.

We made it possible to download products even in One Drive so that our productions can be used for overseas people as well.

I'm sorry, I think that you can download it.


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