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Now I have something, finally.


I have the effects I will use for the Special Attacks done, and here they are:
Hyakuretu Izungiri aka Cutting Hand


Gokusatsu Jibakujin aka Harakiri & Firekiri with Hitsparks


Yep I used KOFXIII's Leona, Mature (edited to look more blood-like) and K' effects.

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That's an awesome theme you made for ranboo, it would be cool to here what bunny's theme would sound like. Keep up the good work.

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Hey guys, In case anyone actually stayed with this. I have to say that, I'm done.
I felt like I've been keeping this whole project on life support for too long.
Duck and Captain Papyrus are doing their own thing now and I'm the only one that seems to remind my remaining partner of this project.


But that's not all, I have no passion for Mugen in general or any other project I have in the works, even my novel for months. I still do redesigns on my deviantart page, but nothing too productive. It's mostly that this year hasn't exactly brought me much joy, with whats going on in the world that makes it seem that we are getting closer and closer to the end.


So until I get my mojo back, this will be the last update, unless Papyrus wants to continue without me.

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Hello, Trinitronity/Captain Papyrus here.
I want to say that I will not quit the project. However, since my current notebook is close to dying, I'm currently looking for a new and more powerful notebook that still uses Windows 7 (because fuck Windows 8 and especially fuck Windows 10), so I wont be able to do progress until I actually get the new notebook.
So yeah, this project is NOT cancelled. It is merely on-hold.

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I know that it has been over 60 days since my last update, but now I actually have something now.

Amy Ranboo v0.65

Playable with three Special Attacks and one Super.






Now I know that she is JUST a Chun-Li pallette swap now, but for the Full Game version she will have her head changed to fit with the concept art.


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