Dong Dong Never Die

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Click the link below images (do not click the image themselves) to get the desired version of the characters.

Color guide: Blue is custom gameplay. Yellow is WIP. Red is offline. If anyone have any of the offline characters, we'll appreciate it if you could post a new link.

NOTE: This collection won't include any of those ridiculous cheap edits.





Dong DongXiami || Violent Dong Dong: Xiami || Ken: Kamekaze || GoukiXiami || Sheng Hua Nan: Xiami ||  Tuo Lei: Deathlazer 




Mian Hua Tang: Sakuraka || Yinyin: Sakuraka || Jie Mei Hua: Sakuraka || Sun Wu Kong: MelvanaInChains || Feifei: Sakuraka




Car Bonus: Xiami / Mabskmk




An Hui: Mabskmk || Fu Jian: Dorgol || Guang Dong II: Ryoucchi & The Magic Toaster || Guang Xi: Dr. Kelexo || He Nan: Dorgol ||  Hu Bei: Mabskmk
Hu Nan: GUN0TRADIO || Huo Chai Ren: Mabskmk / MaxBeta - Whiplash's edit || Jiang Xi II: Mabskmk || Nei Men Gu: Dorgol
Qing Hai: Dorgol || Tai Wan: Dr. Kelexo / E.B.U. || Xin Jiang: Dorgol || Elevator to Space: Valgallah


Sprite Rips from The Spriters Resource

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A long time ago, someone was working on Shin Mario, don't know where that went, though. Nice to see some of the characters names in English, though.

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I think he is.

But considering the name, DK would be a fitting final boss.

You know it.

Yeah, he was. He had Akuma's moves, and his Shun Goku Satsu was cheap as heck.

I hope he's already made for mugen.


He looks hilarious lmao.

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Someone was working on him a long time ago. (The WIP was called Makuma, even though I think his name is Shin Mario in DDND.) I don't think he saw the light of day.

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