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Normal Sized




List of Characters

Destroyer Shimakaze: 1st: AnToR_M / 2nd: Mer / Mer + Nipa3008 || Destroyer Shigure Kai-2: 藍川悠山 || Destroyer Akatsuki: レイフィ  || Destroyer Ushio: Woman || Destroyer Yuudachi Kai-2: Manny Lingle - 1.1 Only


Light Cruiser Kitakami: Way-Oh || Heavy Cruiser Myoukou: 2580shota || Wo-Class Aircraft Carrier: Moiky - AI Only / Moiky & Shimon - Playable || Hoppou / Northern Sea Princess: みずふぅ / みずふぅ & Shimon


Aircraft Carrier Water Demon:Sustina


* Wo-Class Aircraft Carrier by Moiky is AI-only character. Password to unzip: norimono


Tasofro Styled




List of Characters

Aircraft Carrier Water Demon: Sustina || Battleship Kongou: 1st: Hetyo / 2nd: Hetyo || Destroyer Shimakaze: 1st: Minoo / 2nd: Shirokuma || Aircraft Carrier Zuihou: Pikapon || Destroyer Yayoi: Admiral 


Destroyer Hamakaze: 2580shota / 2580shota + qeg || Training Cruiser Kashima: 2580shota || Re-Class Battleship: Minoo / Tsukasa


Puzzle Game Styled



List of Characters

Destroyer HibikiKFC? || Light Cruiser Kiso: KFC? || Light Cruiser YuubariMorinonaka


GBA styled



List of Characters

4 Kanmusume + Abyssal I-Class Destroyer Yuureisou 

* password: mugen


SFC styled



List of Characters

Light Cruiser Kitakami: Redwave || Light Cruiser Ooi: Redwave || Destroyer Hatsuyuki: Redwave


Other styled



List of Characters

Akatsuki Class Destroyers: Redwave



Kantai Collection: Sentai Fleet by Ryoucchi & Swordsman-Kai ||  Kantai Collection Water Skiing by Manny Lingle ||  Kantai Collection Screen by Pipitan - Warning: NSFW Site




AI patches:  Hetyo's Kongou || Hetyo's HM Kongou || Minoo's Shimakaze || Minoo's Re Class Battleship || 藍川悠山's Shigure Kai-2 || Way-Oh's Kitakami || Admiral's Yayoi and Pikapon's Zuihou


Since there's enough characters to be posted together, why not? Click any of the author names to get the link.

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