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Hi guys,

I decided to open a topic to gather some of my wips (because some are secret). I don't have a specific release date.


Spriter: Jmaxx

Part of: ?

Status: All basics done, working on specials



Killer Croc

Spriter: Jmaxx

Part of: ?

Status:Working on basics


Doom 2099

Spriter: Alienmorph

Part of: Marvel vs Capcom Universal Dream Battle

Status: Slow. I neeed help with some missing sprites, like crouched attacks. If you are spriter and wants to help me, drops me a line.



Mettonger Z

Spriter: Magma Dragoon MKII

Part of: Robot Master Mayhem

Status: Working on him



Dr. Fate

Spriter: Mon-El

Part of: ?

Status: Working on new hypers and separated effects



Morph (Exiles)

Spriter: Doom (main sprites), Loganir (Capes and stand), HyperSonic (many moves), me and tons of people

Part of: ?

Status: Very slow. Needs more edits.




Spriter: Modeled and texturized by me

Part of: none

Status: On hold.




Hulk 2099

Spriter: Acey

Part of: none

Status: On hold. Need help with new sprites



I will update this topic once I have more time.

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Claw Slash done. Each button has a different startup time and different velocities. Weak version can be chained from other moves, but is short range. Hard version cannot be chained, but travels all the screen.

Violent Elbow is coded too


It varies the number of hits (1-3), the height and distance and the last hit makes the target spin on the air

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A special grab (kinda like Zangief's Spinning Pile Drive). I still need to fine tune somethings and code the follow up, but you can see the it in action here:


I need to finish all the follow-ups (there is many of them) then I will move to the hyper moves.

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Thanks man.


By the way, I decided to not use Hulk's effect since we want to stay away from him, so I exchanged for one effect we use in Spec Ops and the result is way better, since he looks like a comet and this were my original idea.
The effect is very quick so you can't see it right on the picture. I will record a video soon.

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Thanks dudes.

Some news:

Jmaxx edited a new ground pound, which is used on light and medium (below) versions


For the hard version, I stick with the old animation but I've added a blur effect


Those are some smooth animations O. :awesome


I'm really looking forward for your release on Killer Croc.

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