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ToeJam & Earl UPDATED!

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ToeJam & Earl rap it up!



ToeJam & Earl

from the ToeJam & Earl series!


ToeJam (AKA: Masta DJ TJ) is a red, skinny three-legged alien and a main protagonist from the ToeJam & Earl series by SEGA. He often speaks street slang, shows interest in basketball and loves to rap and dance with Big Earl. 
Earl (AKA: Big Rappin' Earl) is ToeJam's best pal and a serious alien from the planet Funk-o-tron. He's kind of clumsy and not that bright and shows no accomplishment of driving the Rapmaster Rocket Ship.


These characters have 2 versions. Win for Normal and 1.0 for Stronger. For Stronger Version, copy CharacterName/CharacterName10.def in your select folder and change CharacterName to the name of my character from the chars folder.


What's in these updates:

-ToeJam & Earl can no longer summon earthlings anymore! Instead, they can assist their friends of Funk-o-tron!

ToeJam's Side:

Earl (Can't assist when a stand-alone version of Earl is there.)
Earl's Side:
ToeJam (Can't assist when a stand-alone version of ToeJam is there.)

-Fixtures of Animations

-Straight Jar Throw Infinite Fixed

-Added Funk Effects on Normal Moves to make them a bit more Sega Brawlers Megamix-ish

-Updated Run Animation

-Updated Character Protrait

-Added Damage Dampener


Download/Update ToeJam & Earl NOW!

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