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Batsu Updated! 2/20/14 

-Added Kyosuke to the Double Zenkai Kiai Dan LV3 super, so now there is a randomization of whether Kyosuke or Hinata will come out.

-Added Electricity Effects on Batsu, Hinata, and Kyosuke's charging animations
-Fixed Guts Upper Projectile Upper Projectile so that now it will fade away correctly no matter if hit or not by it
-Made it so that now Zenkai Kiai Dan & Max version are now cancellable on the ground. Which will now allow more set ups
-Adjuted FX size on the Super Ryuusei Kick supers
-Tweaked Damage Dampener. I think I am really comfortable as to how it is set now.
-Added Backdash animation that DavidMaximus helped convert over to fit in with my sprites. 
-Fixed Blocking animation so that now the correct number are frames are there.
-Fixed the amount of power lvls it takes to do certain supers that I forgot to change in the CMD, but fixed it.


Please redownload

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