An Old Warehouse at Night

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Well to start it off, I had like, no ideas. but I did find some stage sprites I never used from a Fighter Maker game called Mudougaikitan. The characters in the background are from Lunatic Bellvet, another Fighter Maker game. UPDATE: Spotlights and 1.1 version added thanks to Excahm. This also counts as my first high resolution stage. Also super jump has been added.

Dark_Warehouse.def - Winmugen and 1.0

Dark_Warehouse+.def - Mugen 1.1


If you want to make the stage red, a Blood version if you will:

[bG Floor3]
type = normal
spriteno = 0,3
mask = 1
delta = 2,2

[Download] If you want the red version of the stage only/don't feel like replacing the code in the original stage

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whats a little girl and her pussy cat doing at a warehouse at night?

She went to a dark wherehouse bcoz a strange guy asked her to give her pussy.

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