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MKP 4.9.4

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MKP 4.9.4 [mugen 1.1 beta]



- Now the lifebars disappear in fatality time
- Many combos balanced
- AI combos activated in all chars
- I worked in artificial intelligence (AI) of each of the 116 chars, substantially improving the difficulty
- Many fatalities added and fixed
- Many tricks added and improved 
- All stages fatalities fixed 
- Improved the lifebars (without changing the classic style that I like)
- I did the walkthrough in neutral spanish for my comfort (I'm Argentinian)
- I corrected many stages they had problems at the corners with scorpion (your spear) 
- Additions and modifications made in several supercombos
- And much more...
 assure you will not regret your download. I learned a lot in these seven months working on it, so I hope you take advantage of it.
there are still more details to discover...enjoy it!
NEW LINK [4shared] =  MKP 4.9.4 - Last corrections = February 12, 2014 = 363.2 mg
PASSWORD =  compiler


PATCH for CIBER SUBZERO (February 13, 2014)

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basically are the same as used for the previous version in mugen 1.0 but I made many modifications that I have transferred directly into the COMMON.CNS on issues that all chars have in common for not be forced to make changes one by one in several cases of common problems . In short, the 116 chars are highly dependent on COMMON.CNS. example: stage fatality, fatality time, decapitations, explosion of body parts, etc..
  might want to kill me ....I hurried too much to upload this game.  I learned how to add aerial hits in Motaro and blaze (to the latter also will be has added "run". Fixed too the possibility to interrupt the execution of hara kiri with a hit (this ruins the fatality time and you have to reset the round with F4), the whirlwind that makes Kabal and Cylar now can be used in Motaro (with another effect). I did all this yesterday and today.
 what do you recommend?
upload the game again or a package of modifications?

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I gotta find out.


WHY is there so much color loss in the select screen?


all the background and character portraits color loss out the ass.


you should have done a better job with that.

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MKP 4.9.4 Correcction 3  [final] = many bug fixes and also some things added, for example in Motaro (some modifications, such as receive damage of all kinds, double jump, double shot ...), great chameleon (new fatality ), and the combos in suijin are now much easier to perform. 
The link is now on MEGA (download much faster) to compensate for any inconvenience caused.

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NEW LINK =  january 25, 2014
All bugs fixed!!!
- Correction in "clone run" (timing): for noob, noob saibot mk 1,2,4, black chameleon, cylar and propagator
- Correction in "fire ball-1 shoot" (timing): for shang tsung mk 1,2 and fusion
- Jax briggs: receive "cannon drill" (cammy) in air, fixed (sometimes, the animation would disappear)
- be impacted when shoot "water orb", fixed (for rain mk3, dark rain, black chameleon, grand chameleon and cylar)
- Hornbuckle 2: "run behind" fixed, .also, AI combo enabled
Also, other little things... 
 sorry, but the game needed a good revision for find all bugs and this is not easy  for one  person perfectionist like me

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- correction in "acid spit" for snake and reptile umk3
- reptile mk2: be impacted (example, cyrax net) when shooting "acid spit", fixed 
- modified "reptile balls" in black chameleon
- sektor mka = transformed kill move (not effective) in fatality 3, improved uppercut radius (for easy combination with teleport punch) and correction (timing) in doble shot (also in lightning, leviathan, flare, iron chameleon and monnitor)
- added "double lightning" in rain mk3
- modified AI of kintaro and black chameleon
- theizen = correction in teleport
- monnitor = improved shoker (D,F,x)
and more corrections...

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