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Converting MUGEN 1.0 stages to MUGEN 1.1

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Cut high and low do not work at all in some stages!  boundhigh,boundlow,boundleft,boundright works very well..


If you are getting a black bars in top edit the boundhigh sample  original -200 edit: -75  the lowest number you should use is 0 if you use a positive number like 1 the stage will move up and the black low bar might show up


if the black bars are showing in the bottom then lower the boundlow to a negative number I start at -15 too much might cut too much of the bottom


Left and right are about the same concept:


sample boundleft -300  edit to -200 and I recommend increments of -50 but play around with number and see if you cut off too much

Sample boundright  300 edit to 200 and play around with numbers


And the easiest way to avoid all black bars from boundleft,boundrigh, boundlow,boundhigh is decreasing the zoomout  start at .7  max .9


There other difficulties when doing more complex stages which can requeire stages to have some edited elements but this is another tutorial and has worked for me 80% of the time


Lastly since stating posting  I have edited 300+ stages so forsure my advice is solid

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anyone can help me with 640x480 stages somehow it not working or show up at mugen 1.1 but only working if I put it at extra stage I was like WTF why only working extra and not working as character stage for arcade

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