[WIP] RicePigeon's WIP thread: Mamizou & Suika (Palette templates inside)

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I know progress on Mima has been rather quiet, so allow me to make up for that. So far Normals and Specials are complete, thus starting with her most notable spellcard: Ritual Sign "Orreries Sun".



Well, if you wanted to get real technical it's actually Marisa's spellcard, but Mima was the first to use them back when the spellcard rules didn't exist and everything was unnamed, plus we all know Marisa likes copying other people's shit and making them flashy, so whatever... So rather than basing Orreries Sun off of its incarnation in Soku like I originally intended, it behaves like a melee attack as long as it's active up to six hits. Alternatively, performing the spellcard again while its already active will instead fire it like a projectile. You can even do both if you time it right.



Star Sign "Escape Velocity". If Mima is not already in Flight Mode when performing the spellcard, she will enter Flight Mode at the very end if the first hit is successful. It also has a bit of startup invincibility, so it can be used as a reversal if timed properly. It's lacking FX at the moment, but the basic skeleton and functionality of the attack is there.

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So for those of you who remember the really old Mima I made over 6 years ago, you might remember Twilight Spark. Basically we went from this:

To this:



Had to have Twilight Spark somewhere in there now... Don't worry, it's not unblockable, fullscreen, or a projectile anymore.




You might also remember Flare Star, which did variable damage based on how much meter P2 had when used. It still has variable damage, except now the damage is dependent on how long the attack is delayed for instead of P2's meter. If you delay it for the maximum amount of time, it becomes possible for Mima to recover before the attack ends, even if the opponent blocks. Might be good for wakeup games. Oh, and it still retains its tracking property from the old Mima as well.

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Youkai Tsurube Transformation. A delayed projectile. Like most of Mamizou's other Specials, it requires Mamizou to have at least one leaf. Those familiar with Persona 4 Arena should be familiar with this mechanic. Mamizou can throw out to apply pressure, but hitting the bucket causes her to lose one of her leaves. An alternate version of the Special will cause Mamizou to simply drop the bucket in place, much like the skill's alternate version in Hopeless Masquerade did.


Or, in other words:



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