[WIP] RicePigeon's WIP thread: IZ Tenshi, IZ Reisen

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While Meimu is actively being rebalanced from her boss version and color separation being added, I want to turn my focus more towards the Incident Zero project:



Why Tenshi? Considering Yukari was the first character done in the IZ style, it was only natural that Tenshi be added as well due to the grudge between the two of them, considering Tenshi also got an overhaul in AoCF much in the same vein Yukari did. Tenshi IZ will be moreso a combination of her aspects from both Soku and AoCF. The other reason was to provide some new characters for the IZ demo which weren't present in GR; Yukari's overhaul is nice, but not enough in my eyes.

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Putting Tenshi on hold for now as I figured now that with Marisa and Yukari out that I have a firm enough of a skeleton to work on Reimu, which will be quicker than having to do a new character from scratch. I won't bore with any of the stuff that's more or less in her current GR version, so I'll only be covering the new stuff here. For anyone wondering, yes, Reimu is still a charge character.


Floating Wall Jump from HM/ULiL/AoCF, which replaces Rain Dance from GR. Hits twice and is also air usable, with each version having a differing amount of startup and projectile invincibility duration. The H version does the most damage, but lacks any form of projectile invincibility. Greatly increases Reimu's mobility, and gives her enough time to buffer a charge as well.




The first part of Diffusion Border, Reimu's Unique Skill. The barrier remains inactive until Reimu interacts with it, and the velocity is dependent on what melee attack Reimu uses. It will also bounce off walls if its moving fast enough. Once it slows down to a halt, it will become inactive again. There is another behavior if Reimu uses a certain projectile to interact with the barrier, but that's for another time.

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