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Raiya Mikazuchi: エス / AsakoNHK / O. Herman / Roney [CvTW]

Mysterious Power: NHK / Keyu

Reika: Sakuraka / Zero-Sennin

Lina: Sakuraka

Marie & King: Sakuraka

Chibiko: Nyo

Highway Star: NHK / Zero-Sennin

Kiriko: NHK / PC Tim - Alex's update

Edits / Originals


Black Raiya: PriPri Man

D4 Black Raiya [NSFW!]エス / Barai + Way-Oh + Raiga

Lina 2: Sakuraka


Stages by RenoSV

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Are the edits  nsfw? because one of the edits just raped me.... and etc.

 Only D4 B.Raiya is NSFW.


Sad.. she had so much potential. 

Innuendo unintentional.


Though, I will say that her sprite quality is pretty good.

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Well, look at it this way: She's good for 'those' types of rosters. 

In the end it's nothin' to be ashamed of (out of opinion).


I remember my first time falling for the high quality character traps.

What an experience.


One day, someone will edit her for a SFW mugen.

I hope..

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