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Note: I have my site where I upload my characters:

I have 2 pages on my site where I upload my Pokemon characters I've either made or edited.

This page contains all characters made for my full game Sonic vs Pokemon:

And this page contains all of my MvC-esque Pokemon I've either made or edited:

Also in far 2014-2015 I made SMvC Pikachu and DCvM Jigglypuff. Both of them uses infamous SMvC EoH and DCvM Templates respectively. And they are not good. Also they are originally uploaded on my OneDrive, but I reuped to my Dropbox.

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Alerkina4's version of Muk. His Nidoking was a supposed 'V2' of Hugespongebob's  (alerkina has this tendency of making fake V2s a lot surprisingly) and was a spriteswap of Crow's Kitty Katswell, so this is essentially that but its a spriteswap of Dudley Puppy.


It also barely looks like what it's supposed to be.

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