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Found 26 results

  1. Kazecat

    Zafta Giraffe

    I finished working on a character this week, she's a long-limbed zoning character. Video: Download: Patreon: Please give any feedback.
  2. The stage concept start with a suggestion of AVPboy6754. The idea is to recreate a stage based on a scene of the first Alien movie. It comes with superjump, animation, looped BGM, 1.1 (zoom & no zoom) and 1.0 option files. I have to say that, the opening door moves faster during the game compared to the video. Thanks to AVPboy for the original BGM. VIDEO STAGE DOWNLOAD
  3. GarfieldfanMUGEN

    despacito (5/24/18)

    [Preview] [Full Image] [Download] MediaFire - Google Drive [Comments] I am sorry for what I've done. Comes with the original song as the background music. This was a dumb thing I done in under a few minutes using the stage tool.
  4. BigLuigiGuy211

    Better Edit of Lasher's Grover Released

    Ha-ha, yes, it is I, Grover! I Presented and Released a New Better Edit of Lasher's Grover (Still Buggy). DOWNLOAD THAT BLUE MONSTER HERE!
  5. YABBA DABBA DOO! The New Edit for aperson98's Fred Flinstone Edit is Released for Mugen. And also, the Edit of Madoldcrow1105's Broccalon is Released for Mugen Too. DOWNLOAD FOR FRED DOWNLOAD FOR BROCCALON
  6. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD!517&cid=6E75371007E5D7F9 INFO Kawaii-desu ! Ohgaki released the most cutest Lilith on MUGEN! :3 KOF+Darkstalkers-ish Style. Ohgaki surely nailed it!
  7. Everything in this stage was drawn by Anti-11 except for the water/waterfalls. The waterfalls coming from the holes on the wall were made by Nero, and the water behind the railing was made by me. Really happy with how this one turned out. - thank you nero & anti-11. Download here with all my other creations.
  8. RMaster007

    Shock (FULL RELEASE)

    After at least twelve months, Shock is finally complete. Get him here.
  9. Mr. FuzzyNuts

    Kaguya Luna Release by Migo

    Yep she is now here to kick everyone butts, She is AI only but has some really funny attacks like making you go on a game show and stuff its really fun char. I dont want to spoil too much just download for yourself.
  10. Mugen Full & Compilations sites Collection I don't know if i could post this way, if not please say to me ok. I will let here the best links that i know of sites where you will found many links of mugens, if you know other sites or have a public 4shared folder or mega, mediafire, onedrive, etc let in comment to i add in the list. 1- My 4shared folder: 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- 9-
  11. CeramicSpider666[  ): ]

    spellingcave - ):

    spellingcave - ): Spellingcave by ): It has music. Picture of spellcave Download here - *Updated* Sorry for the weird bug at one end of the screen. I didn't tested the stage that well >.>
  12. "Belle Reve Federal Penitentiary is a special prison for metahumans and other supervillains. It is located in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana. It is near the Gulf of Mexico, and is surrounded by miles of swamp land. Being the prison for many supervillains, it was chosen by Amanda Waller as the headquarters of the Suicide Squad." (Wikipedia). This stage comes with superjump, animation, looped BGM, 1.1 (zoom & no zoom) and 1.0 option file. VIDEO DOWNLOAD
  13. M.U.G.E.N. Undeground (Screenpack 1.1) [Release!] Este Screenpack de tematica urbana, ha sido liberado para todos ustedes... Y para no hacer el Release aburrido con un simple texto... Aqui tienen, el trailer oficial: (Este Screenpack ya lo venia trabajando desde hace un largo tiempo, solo que no posteé nada de progreso en este foro. Solo fueron posteados los progresos en mi Foro Rawk Community y La Calle OMFG) Disfruten del Trailer y del Screenpack! Descarga M.U.G.E.N. Underground: Rawk Official Page -Mugen Screenpacks-
  14. I worked on these characters for quite a while but within my own social bubble. So to improve them further I like to get outside opinions and thus I want to share all my characters to this point. Youtube: Jumbo: (2/27/2018) Gigantic Sumo elephant - Grappler/Powerhouse Jiggly: (2/27/2018) Nimble Bunny - Rushdown Katrina: (2/27/2018) Tag Team Crocs - Brusier w/ Striker Bertha: (2/27/2018) Big Butted Grappler - Powerhouse Aroma: (2/27/2018) Gassy Vain Skunk - Zoner w/Dot Enorma: (2/27/2018) Heavy Weapons Pig - Zoner Lardo: (2/27/2018) Gluttonous rodent brawler - Brawler w/ lifesteal
  15. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD INFO Armin_iuf is back with more Street Fighter EX chars on the roll! This time is the fearless vigilante and Skullo's rival, Shadow Geist! Movelist Death-Crusher >> D F, P Death-Break >> D, B, P Death-Flash >> D, F, K (ground and air) Death-Press >> D, B, K Death-Sword-Kick >> D, B, K (in air) Step-in-Upper >> F, y Death-Heel >> F, b Throw >> F, P Air Throw >> F, P (in air) HYPER MOVES: Death-Energy >> D, F, D, F, P Super-Death-Crusher >> D, B, D, B, P Death-Government >> D, F, D, F, K (ground and air) Death-Dream >> D, B, D, B, K (ground and air) ULTRA COMBO: Super-Death-Energy >> D, F, D, F, PP
  16. Mugenger 2 (the ultimate battle) Ultimate Mugen Battle Hi, I just created this anime mugen game, its called "Mugengers 2 (the ultimate battle) and it consists of characters from the five (5) top anime's *Naruto *Bleach *DBZ *One Peice *Fairy Tail. With stages from each of this anime and some really enticing soundtracks. Here is the link to download[The_Ultimate_Battle]_by_Olaosebikan_Emmy.rar
  17. Kotaro Kazama (from Yatagarasu / KOF Style) by Ohgaki PREVIEW DOWNLOAD KOF系システム(KOF System character) > !!107&cid=6E75371007E5D7F9 INFO Ohgaki released Kotaro from Yatagarasu, in KOF Style! Also some of their KOF Style characters got updated.
  18. [Stage]People's Liberation Army Air Force People's Liberation Army Air Force I did an edit of the Dorgol's stage "Nei Meng Gu". I hope people enjoy! Download 1: Download 2:
  19. gui0007

    My Christmas Gifts for ya!

    My Christmas Gifts for ya! ANNOUNCEMENT VIDEO INFO Hey everyone, gui0007 here. Merry Christmas to all of you MFFA-ers! There are some gifts for you, i'll post them as it shows in the Announcement Video. Christmas Gift #1 KOF Memorial Level 2 Red Edition -Extended Pack- DONE! Christmas Gift #2 KOF Memorial Level 3 -FINAL VERSION- DONE! Christmas Gift #3 MKP Season 2.5 -Ultimate Update EXTRA CONTENT for the Final Version DONE! Christmas Gift #4 MUGEN Match 2.1 -VERSION 4- DONE! CHRISTMAS GIFT #1 The King of Fighters Memorial Level 2 -Red Edition- (FINAL VERSION + Extended Pack) FINAL VERSION VIDEO DOWNLOAD → MEGA / Mediafire EXTENDED PACK VIDEO DOWNLOAD → Mediafire The first Christmas Gift it's Final Version of my KOF Memorial Level 2 Red Edtion! Also i did an "Extended Pack", with new stages, new characters, new versions of existent characters and more. For the Extended Pack works fine, follow these steps: 1. Download the Game 2. Download the Pack 3. Extract the Pack in the Game's folder via WinRar or 7-Zip. 4. It'll appear if you want to replace some stuff, that are the .def of the stages that are updated, some of the sounds, the select.def and system.def. Select "Yes to All" and it's done. 5. Open the game and have fun! More will come, stay tuned!
  20. Super Christmas and Cranky New Year! (SCF2 Released!) Oh well, this should have been posted after OldGamer sent me some cool video of it, but I'm anxious to let you know about the release of.... SUPER CRANKY FIGHTERS 2! My 3rd original full game, done in collaboration with OldGamer (screenpack) and JonKK (coding help). This little game contains: - 17 original characters - 17 original stages - original soundtrack - nice visual effects - innovated gameplay - other stuff Here are some screens: Here is the official video (recorded and edited by OldGamer) Go and get it HERE!
  21. Gabriella (POTS Style) by Prime SC/hairline733 Released (12/15/2017) PREVIEW DOWNLOAD OneDrive / Mediafire INFO Really great, another nice job by Prime SC. Also the others Prime SC chars are updated.
  22. htohtos-goy (original Character?) It seems to be related to Cthulhu mythology Yog-Sothoth. Although it is a character of a girl, it is quite eerie and scary.
  23. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD INFO My words All characters are edited by Milt Jr. himself, their style is kinda a mix of MvC and POTS stlyes. Also the game uses the Uno Tag Team System by UnoShe/Ako si Uno and an edited version by Milt Jr. of the Hatsune Miku Screenpack by Dissidia. Milt Jr. words Before you download the game please note that versions 1.0 and 1.1 has some differences. The main differences is that the stages and music is not the same. Version 1.0 has more 2D arcade stages and Capcom style music so it feels more like a Capcom game. Version 1.1 has more 3D stages and Melty Blood music so it feels more like the Melty blood Series. Try both of them out and see which one you like. Specai thanks! WizzyWhipitWonderful, DaMarcus008 and GenisesKeys for the music. Xenomic for some of the Midnight Bliss. Characters and stages original creators. And YOU for playing this game!
  24. OC: Aroma Skunk Aroma Skunk: I've been working on this character for a while and I wanted to try something that had DOT mechanic. This gassy skunk is fragile but all of her gas is poisonous. She can melt opponents by inflicting heavy poison on them and she's designed so that you have to use the mechanic to do well, since her damage isn't great without it. Also the poison means its kinda anti zoning since once you tag em with enough you have to just stay away and let it melt them since blocking stops the poison damage. Also warning this character does use farts, but shes a skunk so I thought that was obvious. Give me feed back and tell me what you think. Download: Jiggly Bunny: I released Jiggly earlier this year but I've also been tweaking her for balance and such ever since. Jiggly is supposed to be a very easy to use character so she combos really easy and has less health than average to make her not annoying. I think she's pretty fun but then again I gotta release to get a good various amounts of opinions on that. Download: Try em out and don't give me none of that "ew, furry" or "ew, fat" bullshit. I spent a lot of time animating them and that's definitely not what I wanna here. But if you see something I need to address let me know.
  25. Cynos by XenoCard "Wake up!" Are you ready true believers? The Definitive Version of Cynos is here with his Championship Edition Release! Cynos is a 6 buttoned Marvel vs Capcom styled character made in Pivot Stick Figure 4. He's more suited for close combat so he has no projectiles but he knows how to tango when the duty calls for it. More stuff will be on the way for him, but for now I hope that you'll enjoy this character to your heart's content. UPDATE LOG: Added MVC effects and tweaked some stuff to make him feel less bareboned Can now be hit in Taunt (finally.) Crash Track and Crusader's Drive changed entirely Added Lunar Erruption as a new Super Move. Added new special: Twin Pistons His next update will be his overhauling new design. Can't wait to show you!